Friday, October 28, 2011

Two Weeks Old

Had to get one without the bow.
Grandma on the farm isn't the biggest fan of bows on babies
The rest are with bows.
Since I love babies in bows
Two weeks went by way to fast.
With Ryan and I thinking that most likely this will be our last baby, I am trying to savor ever second even more then I already would.
I love newborn babies. I wish that Lilly would just stay a tiny one forever.
Oh, I just love squishing that face and kissing that double chin!
Is there anything better then the smell of a tiny newborn baby!?
She has the BIGGEST yawn! 

This day we were just hanging out around the house, but the light seemed good, so we had to take some pictures of our tiny.

Ryan and I have truly been blessed.
Lilly, along with our other two babies, have all been perfect angels!
Almost never cries- with the exception of being very very hungry or very very sleepy.
Even then, her cry is so sweet and soft.
When she does really cry, it's so shocking to everyone around and we know something is defiantly wrong.
But again, that's almost never.

Jack decided to get in some pictures with Wi-wwy, as he calls her.
But only for one snap, two snaps was one to many. I guess it was for both of them.

We all love Lilly so much and feel so grateful that she is a part of our family.

Second Week

Still trying to get pictures of little Lilly..........
She doesn't like to be naked...


I love those juicy lips
Teddy bear
One in the bucket

She has the CRAZIEST hairline!!
It's too bad, she gets that from me. I have the same thing.
The hair on the back of her head swooshes one way while the hair in the front swooshes the other.
I sure LOVE my tiny!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Utah State Fair 2011

The same evening that we had to take my Mom to the airport Sami and Tyler invited us to go to the state fair. After being cooped up for over a week I decided it might be fun to go!
First we checked out some of the animals.
It was so stinky. Lilly and I stayed outside most of the time and kept the cover over her car seat.

I tried posing the kids on some hay for a quick picture.
A man standing nearby offered to have his cow be in the picture with the children.
Jack did not like that idea. At all.
I love his mad/scared face and LOVE Ella's laughing/making fun of her brother face!
 SO typical!
One without the cow
Eight years old
Three and a half years old
Sami and Tyler
Nice one... How did you do that through your pants?!

As we walked closer to where all of the carnival rides were the kids started asking if they would be able to go on any.
Their faces when they thought we were being serious when we said no.
We are mean parents

Jack really wanted to go on this car ride.
It sure whipped him around the corners.
It took a couple times around before his head didn't fly back!

Sami and Tyler convinced Ella that this ride wasn't a big deal.
I remember going on one as a kid with my Dad, who always insisted that I hold my hands up in the air.
I almost fell out. I would have had it not been for my Dad grabbing the back of my pants and yanking me back into the seat.
Ella was terrified. I don't blame her.
It looks like Tyler is screaming "Duh!" 
Nice thumbs up Sami
Jack wanted to go on anything he thought he would be driving.
This particular ride you could control the up and down motion.
Jack stayed at the way top the entire time.

About an hour into our little adventure I decided that walking around a fair a week after giving birth was not the best decision I have ever made. Good thing there were lots of benches and I mostly just sat in the cool shade and snuggled my baby
Lilly- one week old
Again Sami and Tyler convinced Ella to go on another ride with them
Again she was scared.
I love that her eye's are closed!
More relaxing and more cuddling
Lilly looks so tiny!

My favorite picture of the day

I don't know how Sami did it, but she got Ella on that ride again.
She was scared the whole time, again.
Food from the fair
Our little family, minus the sleeping baby in her stroller
Finally Ryan and I couldn't take the constant asking, caved and bought the kids some cotton candy.
Look at that face, how could we say no!?
We ended the evening watching KC and the sunshine band!
Sami and Tyler didn't even know who that was and very few of the songs.
Neither did KC.
He had to start over singing the same song four times! He couldn't remember the words to his own song!
I guess he's getting old.
Thanks for inviting us along Sami and Tyler!
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