Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

It seems like the last few years we've gone to several egg hunts the week before Easter.
This year we just had too many other things going on.
Saturday Ryan and I (He took almost the whole week off from work!) to an egg hunt at BYU.
BIG mistake! There were so many people and it was in such a tight little area. It was nuts and we wont do that again.
We met John, Tiffany and Lisa there, but with all of the chaos I didn't get many pictures.
Ella stayed with John and the big girls for their age group, Ryan took Jack to his age group and I stayed with Lilly.
Lilly knew just what to do and even threw a huge fit because she just wanted to get out there and get those eggs! She was able to get more eggs that either Jack or Ella!
The only other picture from the hunt. 
That morning I was also feeling SO sick! I think that I hadn't had enough sleep the night before and that I hadn't eaten enough breakfast.
After the hunt we got some lunch and I started to feel a lot better.
Jack looks so tiny, with his skinny little legs!
The day was so warm the kids played outside the whole day!
At the egg hunt we were all so hot we had to take off our sweatshirts.
I can't wait for the grass to green up now!
These kids are so happy to be outside, finally!!
Jack wanted to wear his BYU tee shirt since that's where we were going.
I do not know what to do about Ella's hair! It's constantly in her face and it drives me crazy!
That night we colored eggs, nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Poor Ella, she holds a pencil just like I do.
They loved coloring eggs and both Ella and Jack took a lot of time working on each one.

Lilly was naughty and broke half her eggs by throwing them on the tile floor.

After all of the eggs were colored the kids ran up to bed.
I was so happy they all fell asleep quickly.
The Easter bunny had some helpers fill the plastic eggs with candy. All 85 of them!
It was so nice to have Ryan's Dad with us for Easter!
He was here on some business and although he was gone quite a bit, it was great to see him.
There was lots of playing with play dough, coloring and playing boardgames with Grandpa all weekend long!
So I think the Easter bunny got a little carried away this year!
After a lackluster Valentines day and St. Patrick's day I think the Easter bunny felt like he wanted to do something extra special, that and I think he didn't realize just how many things there were to put into the baskets until it was collected from all of the closets and cupboards were it had all been hiding!

The Easter bunny also left a little something for each of the grown ups.
Also the Grandparents each had a little something for the children.
The next morning there were eggs everywhere in the house and outside and all of the carrots were gone, except a couple left with nibble's taken out of them.
Ella and Jack both woke up around 8:30, however Lilly did not want to get up, so we decided to get all ready for church while we waited.
Finally when Lilly woke up, it only took a few minutes to get her ready as well and they couldn't wait to get down stairs and see what the Easter bunny had left for them!

All Ella had wanted was another webkinz. She was pretty happy to get some Barbie clothes though too.
However she was disappointed that all of the little dresses were immodest. I guess I need to figure out how to sew Barbie clothes.
Since Christmas Jack had been holding onto one of the boxes that his batcave came in.
He loved looking at the back and admiring a little penguin boat.
I had looked for it for a long time, finally finding it at a little store that I didn't even know sold toys.
He loves it!

Grandpa went through each basket with the kids, just as excited as they were to check out what they got. So sweet!
Within seconds of getting to get basket, Lilly started trying to eat all of the chocolate!
We had to take her dress off to make sure she didn't ruin it before we even made it to church.
Jack couldn't wait any longer and wanted to go find all of the eggs!
Lilly again, knew just what to do!

Jack was so excited, he found the one egg that Ryan had colored the night before.

After all of the obvious eggs were picked up Grandpa helped Lilly find some of the more hidden ones.

After a big breakfast we finished getting ready for church.
All dressed up!
I loved as a kid when we would get new Easter clothes, hats and gloves.
Sometimes even new jewelry and purses. 

Lilly is such a stinker, it's getting harder and harder to get her to sit still!
One of Ryan and I.
I'm 24 weeks and two days along!
Easter Sunday is my most favorite Sacrament service of the year!
I couldn't wait to get to church. I love the music and the messages.
I love Christmas, but I feel like it all really leads up to Easter.
I love my savior and feel so happy and blessed to know that he lives and loves me.
The rest of the day we tried talking more about the true meaning of Easter then the Easter bunny.
I love the series "The Bible" and loved watching the Easter episode that night as a family.
The kids both came to Ryan and I with lots of questions after!
After church we got home and finished cooking a big ham dinner!
Sami, Tyler, Alissa and Seth joined us.
I love Lilly's smile in the picture with Sami. She looks so big and grown up!

It was a yummy dinner, even if the ham was cooked so much it just fell apart.
Thanks Oscarson's and Marble's for coming to dinner!
It was a very relaxing day.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Video's of Lilly

One day Lilly was singing and singing, of course as soon as I turn on the video she stops.
Her favorite song is "Jesus want's me for a sunbeam" she loves saying the BEAM part.

I found this on my phone a while ago. 
I love how she just say's "hello, hello, hello!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Real Life

I walked outside to find Jack and Lilly playing in a pile of dirt next to the house.
I'm would normally freak out and insist that they go inside and get cleaned up.
 Sometimes as a Mom I have realized that I just have to give in.
I don't know if it's just because I'm pregnant and tired or what, but I decided they were already filthy, it just doesn't matter.
They were having so much fun!

dress up's and dirt. What could be more fun?
I want to try and photograph more "real life", because although it seems that these kids might be together most of the time, it's just not what's realistic everyday.

Something else that happens around here a lot.
Although it's like pulling teeth to get this kid to clean his room, he's always looking for opportunities to organize things around the house. He loves cleaning out the garage and going through drawers matching like things and putting in their proper place.
Most of the time it's helpful.....

This is a sweet boy. He wants so badly to be helpful all of the time.
He loves being the "man of the house" when Ryan's not here and takes that roll very seriously. 
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