Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ella's School Play

(Ella and her teacher from last year and the director of the school play Mrs. Moschetti.)
Back in the fall Ella tried out for her school's first ever production of a play/musical.
"Once on this island" 
Although she was a little bummed she didn't get a big part, she was happy to be in the chorus as a villager. They had MONTHS of practices. Every Wednesday and Friday she had practice after school. I'm so thankful for her teachers, so that I didn't have to drive up to her school 4 times on those days they let her stay in their classrooms during the time between school and practice.
Although she felt some of the other kids could be stinkers to her, she really loved being a part of it. She loved the story and being able to sing all of the songs.
My Mom (Also a director for community theater!) was so thrilled Ella was getting into the arts. She even sent Ella some flowers, red tulips! Mom's favorite!
Everyone has always said she should be an actress.

Again I have more pictures and video on my phone that I will post!

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