Friday, October 30, 2009

The last of our days in Utah

The weather was so nice while we were in Utah, seriously, we COULD NOT have picked a better time to go. It was everything I could have wanted from fall or more and I can't say it enough! One of the afternoons we were outside taking pictures, where was Jack?
Naked on the trampoline of course.
Lisa got a shot of the Jack-attack and me having some fun!
Another afternoon we were all having fun, sewing I think. When we hear that Preston had woken up from his nap, but when we went in to get him, there was Jack in his bed too!
I guess Jack was ready for his best bud to wake up and come play! Sorry Lis, I'm sure that Jack let Preston in on some of his naughtiness. He's got to learn it from somewhere, why not from the master!?
Lisa's Mom is a saint! She offered to watch ALL of our children so that Lisa and I could go to the temple. How nice is that!? We had a great time! I always love going to the temple. Especially with Lisa, it's always nice to go with a friend.
Lisa had a ton of tokens for chuck-e-cheese so we took the kids and let them run wild. I had no idea how much Jack would LOVE it there! He would play a game or ride a car and then run up to me, get another token and off he would run. Sometimes I would lose track of him, but he would just be off, having fun! Thanks Lisa!
Pirate Island!
As the last couple of days in Utah were upon us, Tiff, Lis and I took the kids to the new pirate island! More games, jack was in heaven! We also ate the biggest pizza I've ever seen!
Then it was off to the movies! So many days I would get Ella dressed and Paige would have the same outfit! It's always fun to be twinners! Lisa and I think a lot alike when it comes to shopping for our girls!
Then it was off to the movies!
We took the girls to the dollar movie to see the new Ice age.
I think that Ella liked it, but I was in the hall most of the time, Jack's a naughty one, especially in the movies!

And then... before we knew it, it was our last day.
Lisa and Tiff took us out to dinner at one of our favorite spots!
These girls are so sweet together! They don't know how life without each other.
They are much more like cousin's then friends.
It's so fun to watch them grow up and mature. Someday soon, they will be big grown up girls.
I hope they will still be friends.
And then there are these girls. MY bestest friends!
We have been our little team for a long time now. It's so nice to have such wonderful friends.
Friends who paid for my gas and pretty much everything else, just so that I could come up and see them. How nice is that? That's just the type of gal's they are I guess.
Thanks you guys, thank you so much! I needed this trip so badly! I think that you guys did too! We went too long without seeing each other, not good. I loved every second I was there with you. I wish that we were together more!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you do for me, you really are the best!
No really, other people wish that they were your friends, because you're that cool.
And I'm the super lucky one who really gets to be.
Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Autumn walks in the Park

One of the lovely afternoons in Utah Lisa and I took our children for a walk
We walked down to the corner market and got some treats before walking to the park for a picnic lunch
{Jack found Paige's old bike in the garage}

We picked the perfect week to visit Utah. It was so beautiful!
It was a perfect fall day!

Roasting Marshmallows

One of the nights we were staying with the Ballards we ventured outside to have some fun!
It was kind of chilly, but the campfire kept us warm
How fun to have a fire pit right out your back door!
{Ryan would SO love that}

The ladies didn't mind that it was TOTALLY dark outside, they still liked jumping on the trampoline

{Ella is FINALLY not afraid of them. She's been terrified for as long as I can remember}

Ella and me
{Jack was sleeping, which was a very good thing. I don't think that Jack and fire would go well together}

Preston, Lisa and Paige

Silly BOY!
We had so much fun, just enjoying the cool weather, chatting, drinking hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy First Birthday Preston

Today is Preston's first birthday!
Hope you have a happy birthday big fella!

{I was able to take his birthday pictures while in Utah, isn't he adorable!?}

Hee Haw Farm

One of the first days we were in Utah we went to HeeHaw Farm in Pleasant Grove. Ella and I had been there before. Check it out here! Of course we got all of the girls twinner shirts.
We are ALL about being twinners.

Picking out our pumpkins!
Avorie, Ella and Paige
Best buddies!

Look at this HUGE slide!
All of the little girl's were so excited to go down and did, over and over again.
Nobody got scared!

So us old Mom's decided that we should go down too.
We screamed the whole way down! That thing went so fast!
Preston and Jackson
Watching all of us girls being crazy!

We all got to go on a hay ride. We thought it was just going to go around in a circle, but it didn't, it took us all over the farm.
Some scary characters were hiding in the corn fields and throwing candy to all of the children!
They all got so much candy I thought they would get upset tummy's!
Eating all of their candy!
The girl's loved to swing!
They all loved the animals too! They were all brave and held chickens and bunny's!
Ella's favorite was getting to ride the pony!

Ella, Adi, Avorie and Paige

Jack loved, loved, loved this tractor! He would have stayed on it all day!
He just sat there and sang and sang!
He was very upset when I tried getting him down. It took me a few minuets.

Lisa, Me and Tiffany
{isn't it funny how we all were wearing brown!? What were the chances of that?}
We had such a fun day.. all together again!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet the Robinson's

When we got to Utah we headed straight to our friends- The Robinson's!
The Weather was SO NICE
60 degrees with the sun out and shinning
The kids got right into having fun ridding bikes in the cool weather
Jack loves being outside!!!
Dang, I didn't get any pictures of Ella on a bike. She was so sad. She still has to use
training wheels
Avorie is a crazy woman on her bike!
She's so small, but man she was jumping that bike and swerving all over the place!
Then we went inside to meet our newest friend
Ella loved holding her and feeling her soft skin
Jack REALLY loved her!
He surprised me with how gentle he was with her
Wanting to hold her just right and lightly kiss and hug her
Time for a new Bailey baby??
Give me at least one more year
While staying with the Robinson's we had a lot of fun
Playing down stairs
Playing in the back yard
Playing play dough
Playing computer games
Having sleepovers
Movie/TV nights
Ice cream Sundays
Lot of eating and shopping!
Jack and Adi got along really well together. They played together a lot

The little girls
The big girls

We had a lot of fun, it felt like old times hanging out at their house
So many fun nights we have spent there!
Thanks Tiffany and John for having us! We all really did have a great time with all of you!
You're such a sweet family and such good friends to us!
We love you!
While there, that first weekend we were able to attend Lisa's little sister Jill's wedding reception
Jill looked so beautiful and Blaine seems like such a nice guy
That was the first time that we were able to meet up with Lisa and her family
They were so busy with the wedding!
Preston is so grown up!
Doesn't Lisa look HOT! Whoohoo!
more to come.......

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