Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring Break!!!! To bad it totally doesn't feel like spring outside yet!
I didn't have too much planned for the week. Ryan already had his spring break and with funds low, there wasn't going to be any huge trip this year
Lisa, Tiffany and I all decided to take all of our kids up to Park City for one night in a hotel
(Poor Ella, she got soooo car sick on the way up!)
The night before Jack and I put together some treat bags for everyone to enjoy on the drive up. Jack munched while watching Toy Story
This guy still has such a stranger danger feeling around me. Wouldn't even look at me, that stinker!
Brielle was a perfect angel on the drive up
We hit up a little shopping at the outlets that morning before heading over to the hotel
The kids think it's so fun to stay at a hotel, but before long started getting pretty bored

So we were off to the pool!!

Jack put one toe in the pool and ran straight for the hot tub. A man after his fathers heart!
He never did go in the pool, too cold for him
Then back to the room for bathes and jammies
The only picture of me from the trip
Lisa ran to the store, so I got to watch Brielle
SHE loved me and cuddled right up and fell asleep
We spent the evening watching movies and eating pizza.. along with a truck load of other junk! I am surprised that nobody threw up with how much candy was consumed!
The boys didn't care so much for the movie, but they loved playing with the hotel phones, once they were unplugged from the wall
Silly girls!!
The hotel was great!
well, except for two little problems.
One- the adjoining rooms worked great. Would have worked a ton better it they would open wider then 12 inches
Two- our TV didn't work! We could watch some fuzzy TV, but never could get the DVD player to work.
In the end it worked out to be good things! The hotel gave us a voucher to come back for another free night!
We know what we are doing for Lisa's birthday next month!!
This time without children!
Ahhh.. finally the kids crashed and all fell asleep. Really, for all of them to be asleep around midnight I thought was amazing! My kids can stay up until 3am easy..
Next morning we got up and went to breakfast
While there we ran into a couple from Wisconsin who thought it rather funny that three women with a bunch of children were all staying together.
(We are from Utah after all!)
Lisa made sure to include in the conversation that we are all married- to three different men!
After breakfast and getting dressed we headed to the outlets for some more shopping!
All of the big girls had matching hair
Thanks Lisa and Tiff, it was so much fun!! We'll have to do it again sometime!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Last week and why it sucked

You know those days when you can just tell that something is going to go wrong, you just have an ominous feeling.
Last Tuesday I did not feel that way.
In fact I was thinking it was going to be a pretty good day
The house was clean, laundry getting done and happy children playing together
Then Ryan called........
He had been in a car accident!! What!? The guy who I always tell everyone "if there was ever someone to drive an ambulance or a car full of children it's Ryan, he's the best driver I've ever known!" So this came as quite a shock to me.
He said he was okay, but that the car was in really bad shape and that I needed to come and get him.
He told me that I as I drove on the other side of the freeway I would be able to see him and his car in the middle of the road in a construction zone.
Sure enough, there was traffic backed up for miles
and then THIS!
Poor guy, Ryan was pretty shook up
I'm just so glad he was okay!
I guess there was a lot of traffic on the freeway and he was worried about a big semi truck swaying next to him, while watching that semi he didn't notice the two cars in front of him breaking hard due to another semi swerving and breaking in front of them.
Ryan tried breaking and in an effort to not cause an accident hit the cement barrier to his left before unavoidably hitting the back of the two cars in front of him.
Anyways, it was quite the mess and took quite a while to get everything worked out there at the scene and then at home on the phone with the insurance company
Mostly I'm just happy that he was okay, along with the other two drivers
The day after the accident Ryan and I went to go pick up his rental and THIS is what they had for him! Heheheheheheheehehe! We got a good laugh about it and kindly asked when they would have something else available!
Ella sure liked it though! She and Jack called it the buggy bug and loved driving around town in it
Thankfully the next day they had something a little more suited for Ryan
What a week!! Good thing I was going on vacation just a few days later!
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