Friday, November 30, 2012

The Nativity

John and Tiffany had gone to this live nativity in Alpine before and invited us to go with them this year. 
We had to wait in line and then wait a little longer for Ryan to get there from work. I was glad he came, seeing as it was our 10th wedding anniversary that day! I'm glad we got to do something special together and with everyone else.
It started out lightly snowing, but soon turned into rain.
Jack was less then thrilled to be sitting in the rain.

Ryan got there are we all piled into a large horse trailer. It was a very weird feeling, we couldn't see where we were going. Who knows where they were taking us!
Thanks for including us guys!
All of the big girls. ;)

By the time we got to the top of the hill the rain had really started coming down.
Lilly was a trooper. Well, from what I saw. Thank you Sami and Abby for taking care of the the entire time!
Thanks Tiff for the umbrella! 
We checkout out some camels and other large animals outside before making it to a large barn.
The whole barn was made to look like city streets filled with animals and people selling food and services.
I think it's fun that there big "kids" always like tagging along with us. Ryan liked this little donkey.
Ella and Avorie learned how to do many different things like weighing dried vegetables and sharpening tools.
There are a lot of pictures of their backs.. oh well.
Jack loved all of it!
Lilly liked looking at the sheep and other animals.

As soon as we left the first barn and went back outside the rain was pouring so hard I seriously felt like I was standing in a shower. I haven't ever experienced rain like that before. I defiantly needed a towel! 
We all ran to the next barn!
It was very sweet, as we walked in there was a hush over the crowd. 
Everyone was quiet as we looked over the nativity scene. 

On our way out there was some much needed hot cocoa to help warm us up.
We started making the walk back down the hill to the trailers.
This solder followed us yelling things- "Have you heard about the so called savior being born? Let us know if you find him." "Have you come to pay your taxes!?" I have to admit, it was a little intimidating. Jack was totally freaked out. The drive home he asked lots of questions about the mean solder man.
It was such a wonderful experience. It especially taught the kids a lot about the time when Christ was born and I hope strengthened their testimonies. 
I can't wait to go again next year, I hope it isn't raining though!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas Tree 2012

The skates were a little big, but Lilly didn't care. She actually was pretty good at it too. My big girl!
So for WEEKS Jacob had been talking about our Christmas tree. For the first two years of our marriage Ryan and I had bought real trees. However when Ella was little we oped for the convenience of a nice artificial tree. Jacob was very DISAPPOINTED that our children had never experienced Christmas with a real tree. Seeing as he had never had to suffer through a Christmas with a fake tree. Ryan didn't want to hassle with the work and cost of a real tree. But Jacob wouldn't let it go! Finally he offered to do all of the work and even pitch in to get a real tree. It wasn't as easy as I thought. The tree's at little lots all over town are expensive! Even Sami and Abby looked around for us. Finally Jacob and I decided we were going to find one that day. Costco actually had the best deal. We weren't sure what we were going to get as they were all already bundled. 

The tree ended up being beautiful, although very-very-very messy!
This was Lilly's first year being big enough to decorate the tree. She loved placing the ornaments on the branches. They would then roll onto the floor and she would try again.
Finally coming together. Ella and Jack loved every second!
Ella and Jack felt like Lilly was messing up all of their work and kept trying to tell her to go away. She was deeply offended.
So classy Jacob.
Thank you for all of your help! You're the best little brother and uncle!
Lilly is SUCH a little piggy! She's always trying to get people to feed her! As sad as it might be to say since she is so tiny, but she's the fattest little baby for us!
Each year the children pick out a new ornament. This year while out shopping with Grandma when she was here the kids picked out these.
Jack- a white owl.
Ella- a gold bird nest with two eggs.
Lilly- (not pictured) a little grey bird with a red hat on.
Christmas is on it's way!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jack's 5th Birthday

This guy is now a 5 year old! I can't believe it! Wasn't just his birthday?
He's been looking forward to being 5 for a long time. So many fun things things happen when you're 5. He's most excited to start kindergarten in the fall.
Just days after we got home from Arizona it was his big day.
We weren't having his big party with all of his friends for a couple of days, but the night of his actual birthday we had a little family party for him.

I love that he sings happy birthday, to himself.
Ella and Jacob were the parties entertainment. 
Jack needed a new coat, not that I can get him to actually wear a coat very often.

At the store that morning I happened across this spider-man web-shooter. I knew Jack had to have it. Sure enough it was the hit of the evening!

Jack's Pirate Party!
With us just being gone for a week and getting ready for Christmas I was glad that things were able to come together for Jack and his party.
There were pirate costumes for everyone!

Jack requested this cake, he loves chocolate!

Once everyone got there we started with a scavenger hunt. The big girl's helped read all of the clues.
The treasure was found! Little treasure boxes filled with chocolate coins.
Jacob was the tallest pirate.

A break for lunch!

Change of clothes #2 for the day. Of course he changes into shorts and a tank top.

I think that this might be our last party with a pinata. They are just so hard to break!
Good thing Jacob was there to help! slamming it into the ground really hard works much better then a bat!

Jack got so many fun presents!
Thank you everyone!
Tiff really got into the pirate spirit! ;)
Finally the part Jack had been waiting for! The cake!
Again singing to himself! He then requested that Ryan light the candles a couple of times for him to blow them out. Silly boy!
Clothing change #3, with many more to follow. He loves dressing up!
It was such a great day! I'm so happy that we have our one BOY to spoil with boyish things!
Love you Jack-Jack! Happy Birthday big boy!
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