Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Instagrams

1. Lilly starting to outgrow her newborn car seat, finally!
2. Ella's school picture. Is it just me or is she seriously gorgeous!? Best school picture ever!
3. Lilly puts a lot of importance into oral hygiene- hence the TWO toothbrushes.
4. Visiting Abby at work.
5. Cool face paint from our neighborhood Halloween party.
6. See #5.
The Shumway and Reed families came to visit us over conference weekend.
1. Bathing babies
2. Sleeping in the car seats together at Culvers.
3. Only in Utah can you watch Conference in a restaurant!
4. Harvey is starting to warm up to me.
1. Jack found this motorcycle at Ross and was sobbing he couldn't have it. We called Daddy (thinking he would AGREE with me and say no. Nope!) Yet another crappy toy that makes noise and will break in a week!
2. The Shepherds got us a couple of tickets to General Conference- yippee for Ryan and Jacob!
3. How Lilly eats popcorn
4. Lilly with crazy hair
5. Lilly first taste of whip cream from a can
6. Matching sisters. I love these outfits!
Jack's field trip to a farm
1. Lilly wouldn't stop getting into the dirt.
2. Jack loved playing in the corn
3. and 
4. Lilly LOVED the little piglets!!
5. Jack is my little piglet!
6. Lilly loves all swings
Fall break up in Park City
1. Getting ready for fun in Park City
2. Jack's a fish
3. with muscles
4. Sami came too... sad the next morning I miscarried... :(
5. The house Ryan and I lived in when we were first married and where Ella came home to from the hospital.
6. Jack LOVES smoothies
1. Shopping for Jack pirate birthday party
2. Lilly playing in the back yard
3. Getting to check out a fire truck in the grocery store parking lot- thanks for the stickers fire guys
4. What a nice friend I have- buying me food and shoes to cheer me up! Thanks Angela!
5. How could we not buy it? If she gets tired while tick-or-treating she can just ride in it!
6. Sleepy little lady
1. McDonald's with friends is always more fun
2. Lilly is messing with ice cream cones
3. Jack loves PB&J
4. Ella got money from SCHOOL!
5. Excited to be in a movie theater
6. Loves our HUGE pupkins
1.Lilly loves dancing to Jacob playing the guitar
2. Good morning Lilly!!
3. Lilly thinking she's helping. Doesn't that hurt?
4. Nice and clean
5. Ella was in one of her school libraries ad's
6. Lilly's hair is getting long again
1. Jack loves making couch forts
2. Lilly in the cold
3. Trying something new with her hair
4. Jack and Seth = best buds
5. Movie time with friends
6. Cleaning the church building
1. Carving pumpkins with Jacob, Tyler, Sami and Abby
2. Jacobs
3. Lilly's and Sami's. Sami's is scared!
4. Ryan and Ella's
5. Everyones
6. Jack's
1. Preston's Halloween birthday party
2. Pumpkin pizza
3. Trying on her new costume and playing with Ella
4. Getting into trouble with pots
5. Getting into trouble, almost breaking drawers
6. Our good student doing research for her bobcat report
1. Sleepy Lilly- with a binkie
2. Wasted half of them, only getting small from now on
3. Supporting our favorite team- go 9er's!
4. Waiting for Ella at school and being weird
5. Waiting for Ella's Halloween parade.. still sleepy
6. Chocolate cupcakes means you can't look at the camera

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