Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mom's Trip to Utah

It was so fun to have Mom here for trick or treating, but the fun wasn't over yet.
We did lots of hanging out, cooking and shopping!
Ella and Grandma enjoying their first glass of eggnog for the season. Of course it needed to be fancy.
One of the evenings we went out for a girls night.
Brielle was showing all of us her dinner.

Brielle kept wanting to hug the baby. Very sweet.
Another morning we got up and drive to Salt Lake.
We had lunch in the Nauvoo Cafe.
Love Jack's smile and Lilly's cookie
The wild girl had to stay in her stroller or she would be off in the street or playing in a fountain.
Jacob's half way through his time with us already! 
This time next year he will be out in the mission field!

Three generations 

Off to the church history museum. My pioneer baby

It was crazy, right after these pictures were taken a man walked up and placed a small box at the foot of the Christis. We all decided that maybe that was a little strange and one of us went and told security. Who then evacuated the entire building. SCARY! We never did find out what was in the box or if they found that man. I hope it wasn't anything dangerous. 

It was so fun to have to Whittakers come and see us too! Kelli had to come and see my Mom since they were so close. 
These wild boys were too tired from staying up so late the night before hitting on girls.

Nat and Andrew
I hadn't seen Andrew in years, it was so great to chat with him!
I loved watching these Mom's working together. They are such a wonderful example of friendship. They have been best friends since I was a baby. 

So much food, Lilly got too tired!
The next day it was the plan to meet Ella at school for lunch, however due to a scheduling change that I wasn't aware of we missed it. Ella was so sad, so I just yanked her out of school for the rest of the day.
And met everyone at Culvers!

Before we knew it, it was time from Mom to go home. For our last night we went out to one of Mom's favorite places.
Lilly loves to dip her fries in fry sauce. She loves dipping everything now.
It was so nice having my Mom her. It always goes by too fast!
Thank you for coming!! Love you!! See you soon Mom!

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