Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas Tree 2012

The skates were a little big, but Lilly didn't care. She actually was pretty good at it too. My big girl!
So for WEEKS Jacob had been talking about our Christmas tree. For the first two years of our marriage Ryan and I had bought real trees. However when Ella was little we oped for the convenience of a nice artificial tree. Jacob was very DISAPPOINTED that our children had never experienced Christmas with a real tree. Seeing as he had never had to suffer through a Christmas with a fake tree. Ryan didn't want to hassle with the work and cost of a real tree. But Jacob wouldn't let it go! Finally he offered to do all of the work and even pitch in to get a real tree. It wasn't as easy as I thought. The tree's at little lots all over town are expensive! Even Sami and Abby looked around for us. Finally Jacob and I decided we were going to find one that day. Costco actually had the best deal. We weren't sure what we were going to get as they were all already bundled. 

The tree ended up being beautiful, although very-very-very messy!
This was Lilly's first year being big enough to decorate the tree. She loved placing the ornaments on the branches. They would then roll onto the floor and she would try again.
Finally coming together. Ella and Jack loved every second!
Ella and Jack felt like Lilly was messing up all of their work and kept trying to tell her to go away. She was deeply offended.
So classy Jacob.
Thank you for all of your help! You're the best little brother and uncle!
Lilly is SUCH a little piggy! She's always trying to get people to feed her! As sad as it might be to say since she is so tiny, but she's the fattest little baby for us!
Each year the children pick out a new ornament. This year while out shopping with Grandma when she was here the kids picked out these.
Jack- a white owl.
Ella- a gold bird nest with two eggs.
Lilly- (not pictured) a little grey bird with a red hat on.
Christmas is on it's way!!

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