Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Trip to Arizona

After much stress from Ryan's work days before Thanksgiving he was finally given approval for his vacation time. The kids were so excited. We woke up early and hit the road.
I thought the blue sly through the clouds were so pretty. 
The kids slept the first couple of hours. Even though we have a large vehicle, everyone felt totally squished! Ryan's always so nice and drives the whole way.
This is our GPS zoomed out as far as it could go. We really were in the middle of nowhere! 
I love Lilly's face.. what the heck!?
The kids are always so wonderful in the car! They watched movies and had snacks. We made lots of stops, that helped.
We made great time to Arizona!
The kids got changed, we unpacked the car and took a tour of Grandpa's new house.

Ryan was pooped.
It was an early bedtime that night.
The next morning after breakfast Grandpa Rick took the kids outside to play some soccer.

Jack couldn't stop talking about going in the pool. Everyone kept telling him it was very cold. He would stick his toe in and say "it doesn't seem that bad"
Ryan went and got his swimming suit and he changed right then.
He jumped in, yep, way too cold!!
Grandpa got a little mat that made it so he could be on the water without really being in it.

Ella on the other hand was very hesitant about going in, but after a while it was just too tempting. 

Although it was very cold, she kept jumping in! Crazy girl!
Her lips were BLUE when she got out!
Lilly didn't want much to do with the water. Which was good, she never went near the pool again the whole trip.
Later that night the Riggs came up to see us.
The Dad's said they needed to "talk business" although I didn't hear much of that kind of talk going on.
Jack got to open an early birthday present from the Riggs!
Kylie always gets a little shy for the first little while whenever we get together after not seeing each other for a while. But soon she warmed up and she and Jack played with his new Lego's. 
These little ladies are only a few months apart. Such sweet little girls. 

Thanks for driving all the way up Riggs!
The next morning Grandpa Rick had some things he needed to do, so Ryan and I took the kids on a little hike around the neighborhood. 
Lilly would walk around and then get tired and just sit down and take a rest and play with rocks.

Ella is working on a special report for school on Bobcats. Grandpa Rick had said he had seen some around the neighborhood. Ella was dying to see one! Too bad we never did. 
Of course Jack found a million rocks that he just couldn't live without. Later that night when picking up his clothes, his pockets were FILLED with rocks!

When we got back Grandpa got out all of the books, maps and things from his recent trip to Paris France. Ella is obsessed with France and hopes that someday she will get called to serve a mission for the church there. Soon after Rick's trip he sent Ella a package of things from Paris, including an original painting! 
Rick wanted to show us around his new town. 
We drove around the cute little town before stopping at this little Mexican restaurant that Ryan and Rick had found on one of Ryan's previous trips.
The kids thought it was so fun to have turtles and ducks right inside the restaurant!

After lunch we walked around some of the little shops.
Lilly loved his little hat!
Jack got a little rubber band gun and Ella got a little dream catcher to take with her back to school. Her class is learning all about native american's right now.
That afternoon we drove down to Mesa/Gilbert.
Our first stop was to see Grandma Sandy's headstone. 
The kids asked some questions, but happily to Ryan and I, nobody got too sad.

We then drove down through all of our old neighborhoods before going to one of our favorite parks to meet up with some friends. It was great to see them all! It was too bad so many of our friends were busy or out of town for the holiday!
Grace, jack and Tagg playing with the Scott's puppy

We love and miss all of these kids and their families!!
You guys need to come and visit us!!!
The "Ryan's"

Thanks for meeting us ladies!!!
The next afternoon we ran some errands to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner and then met up with Ryan's siblings. The kids had fun swimming in the hot tub. 

Thanksgiving day!
Between cooking, cooking and cooking I ran outside to take some fast pictures of the kids.
It worked out that they all kind of matched!

Ryan and I were in charge of the ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, drinks and stuffing!
The kids watched the parade on TV, colored and played games.

That afternoon all of the kids went outside to play. So many cousin's around the same age.

The Dad's took some of the kids to go walk around on the big rocks out front and the babies were sad they couldn't go too.

That night we celebrated Miles and Jack's birthdays

He thought he was so funny!

The next day I met up some two of my sisters in law to let the kids play at a park.

Later the kids enjoyed some pizza for dinner.
The Dad's watched the kids for us Mom's to go out to dinner and do some shopping.
The boys sent a couple of pictures throughout the night, some of which were of my children swimming in their clothes! Even though I had told Ryan several times that their swimming suits were sitting in the car.
That's what happens when Ryan watches the kids!
While shopping we found matching pajama's for all of the grand-kids (except Zachary of course)
(Jack had been asleep and was very cranky and tired!)
(This is what happens when I hand the camera to Ryan and ask him to take some pictures!)
And just like that a week had gone by and it was time to go home.
On our way out of town the Riggs called and wanted to meet up one last time for lunch!

He got one good one of the kids!
(I'm so sick of Ella's hair in her face!)
Love you Trina!
I love these guys together. Bestest buddies ever!
After lunch we sat in the parking lot for a bit trying to decide which way to drive home, Vegas or Flagstaff?
We decided that since it was so late that we should drive Vegas and stay over night.
On the drive I was able to find an amazing deal on a hotel. 
The next morning before checking out Ryan HAD to go down to the hot tub. Of course the kids didn't mind.

Pool was too cold...

On our way out of Vegas we stopped and visited with my cousin Jeanie and her family. Including my other cousin Lake and Aunt Janie and Uncle Jim who I hadn't seen in years.
I wish I had taken some pictures!!!
It was so great seeing them and spending time with their family. They had never even met Ryan's before!! Ella wished she could stay and have a sleepover with all of those fun girls!
That evening we made it home. It was a long trip, but so much fun! We got to see a lot of family and friends, do fun things and see fun places!
Never in my life have I been so happy to sleep in my own bed though!

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Lauren said...

Fun pictures! It was good to see you guys! Miss ya!

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