Saturday, June 14, 2008


Happy Father's day to all you Father's out there and especially to Rick and Matt! We love you and you're the best Dad's! We hope that all of you have a great Fathers day. We love you!
Ella had a great time going on the boat. It was her first time being on a boat, but like most things, she wasn't afraid. Grandpa even said that she was leaning over to feel the spray from the boat.

After- we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's to have cake (This time Ryan was there! Yeah!) She also got to open a birthday card- with money in it!

I can't believe that my baby is 5 years old!

Jack LOVED playing in the sand. At first he just liked pushing his toes around in it- then he started eating it. I'm sure that I'll be changing some diapers with some sand in it over the next few days. What can you do?! He's a boy.

Happy Father's Day Rick!

The kids just floated around in their life jackets! They played sword fight with drift wood and played in a huge inflatable tube.

Ella and Tori made sandcastles

A Day at the Lake

Zach, Ella & Tori

Today we went to the lake for Fathers day and also to celebrate Ella's 5th birthday with the family. (we were all sad that Ryan couldn't make it. He had to go into work at the last minuet. He was truly missed.) Ella had a wonderful day- she got littlest pet shop toys, her favorite! Thanks to everyone, we are so lucky to have such wonderful family!

New Found Toy

Jack has found a toy that brings him endless hours (well really minuets) of joy- a door stopper! He LOVES it. He loves to hear the sound it makes when he hits it. He has been finding them all over the house. Each time as if for the first time.
He's growing up and learning so much. This week he's decided that he just wants to eat everything that we are eating. He keeps copying everything that Ella does- sucking his thumb, trying to go outside, trying to climb into the bath when she's in it. He follows her everywhere. He even tries to pull himself up onto the couch to be with his big sissy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Zach and Tori

Zach and Tori are about to move to Chicago so we have been trying to hang out with them as much as possible. They had such a great time swimming together at Grandma on the hill's house. Zach and Tori have pretty much been the ones to teach Ella how to swim. Yesterday was the first time that she was able to swim in the deep end alone without any floaties! (although her Daddy wasn't too far away... just in case.)
Almost every night Ella and Ryan go out into the backyard to try and catch one of the many little lizards that run around. So finally yesterday at Grandma's Ryan caught one and put it in this cup for the kids to look at. Again Ella wasn't at all afraid. We didn't keep him too long before releasing him back into the wild.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrapbook Day

Melissa and Jolie came over today to play and scrapbook. I hadn't scrapbooked since Jack was a newborn. I still have a lot I need to catch up on! Like the last two and a half years! I thought I would try Jolie in the bucket too, since Jack loves it so much. She's such a sweet girl! Thanks for coming over guys!

My babies

Jack seriously loves this bucket. He could sit in it for hours. Ella- CHEESE!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just from Today

Here are some pictures from earlier today. Ella put Jack in that bucket and he LOVED it. So we let him hang out in it for a while before going to the pool. Don't we look nice in our new swimming suits!? (also trying out my camera's timer!)


Thanks Shumway family for having us over for dinner! You are such a sweet wonderful family. We are so glad to have met you! See you soon.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Drive-in Movie

Last night we took Ella to her first drive in movie and saw Kung Fu Panda! She's been looking forward to seeing it for a long time, since she is in fact a kung fu master. (Sorry that on one else could go- it would have been a lot of fun to be together. We had already told Ella that we were going, so we couldn't not go.) We got everything ready but due to some work conflicts with Ryan he got there late and the food was a mess. Ryan and I ended up missing almost the entire movie trying to pull the right fuse to turn off the cars interior lights. Also Jack threw up all over the blankets in the back- I guess that he's not ready to eat a tortilla. It was a double feature with Iron Man playing as well. However we were all so tired that we feel asleep through most of it. It was OK, we had already seen it. So over all Ella had a great time sitting on the room watching her kung fu and Ryan and I will forever know how to turn the lights off in my car. Don't let this turn you off to going to the drive in, just get their early and be prepared! We're going to try it again sometime- maybe on a cooler night.

He's naked because he threw up all over himself.

Grandma on the Hill

I forgot to post that the other day we went over to (as Ella calls it Grandma on the hill's house, meaning Grandma Sandy's. I think that she picked that up because we call my mom- Grandma on the farm. I think that Ella assumes that you just call all Grandmas by what their surroundings are.) So we went to Grandma Sandy's house and made bows with Melissa. We had a great time and made a whole bunch of bows. They turned out very cute and Melissa's addicted. Thanks for meeting us there. We had a great time! Next- scrap booking! I took these while on Grandma's hill.

He's on the move

Ella was outside playing in the back yard. He crawled over to the window and waiting for her to come inside. He just sat and played a little. But mostly he just watched her. He loves his big sissy.

Jack has loved being able to move around as he wants. He has finally figured out how to crawl really well. He's fast! He has also figured out how to sit up on his own. Ryan and I think it's so funny though- he can't ever get his left leg out from under his bottom. Although we think that it gives him a little more support. This morning he got a hold of a Muffin that Ella had and squished it to bits! There were crumbs everywhere! He's such a stinker. We are really having to keep a good eye on this little guy. He's very mischievous. And yet he's still such a sweet boy who very rarely gets upset about anything. Even when Ella put him into a fairy princess outfit. Sorry Ryan, she did it, not me.
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