Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daddy's Girl

The other night while I was putting Jack and Ella to bed, finishing some laundry and dishes and preparing for the next morning
(I feel like my life is so crazy right now!!)
Ryan and Lilly had some one on one time.
Look at the CRAZY hair!!! It's already so long that I have to comb it or it will get all tangled. No matter what I do it always sticks up like that too. She diffidently has ORR hair!
Lilly loves her Daddy. She loves talking to him and always smiles when she see's him.
Ryan, although he claims to not enjoy babies as much as toddlers, has loved spending time with little Lilly.
I often find him cuddling with her and giving her lots of kisses.
She's such a sweet baby. Always happy!
She loves to talk and talk.
This week she rolled over (from back to belly) for the first time.
She also laughed for the first time too!!!
I love my baby girl so much!


A little over a week ago the kids and I braved the crowds to run some errands 
(along with getting my hair done! I colored it! It's so dark now, Ryan loves it!)
I thought that we might make a stop at the mall to look for one last, very special gift for Jack
and while there it was the perfect opportunity to go chat with Santa.
I was concerned that Jack might be a little timid again this year.
He did great! He told Santa he wanted a remote control car.
I'm happy that Ella still believe's, either that or she's letting me think she believe's.
Either way, I'm glad she was excited to go see Santa.
She asked for some things for her American Girl doll.
Lilly was just sweet.
I can't believe that Christmas is a little over a week away!
We've had so much going on these past few weeks, I don't feel at all ready!
I better hurry!!
Later that evening I caught Jack playing with Lilly's hair. 
Even she can't escape Jack and his hair obsession!

3 Months Old

No words necessary .....

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First week in December

One evening after dinner Ryan and I couldn't find Jack.
We don't know why he was down on the floor and how he fell asleep there.
Crazy kid!
Ryan wouldn't let me take a good picture.
Ryan started working again.
It wasn't our plan, but whatever goes to plan with us!?
He's doing real estate again and loving it!
He will continue to take classes and work towards getting his degree.

About a week after Thanksgiving we finally got all of our Christmas decorations and tree out.
Although it took a while to get it all set up.
Christmas is on it's way! I'm getting so excited!!

Thanksgiving Weekend 2011

It felt like we had only been home a couple of days before we turned around and drove back down to Arizona! (Okay, it was 6 weeks!) The kids did great, as usual. In flagstaff we needed to take a break and let the kids get out and run around. We were looking for a park, but a KOA worked just as well.

The very next day was Thanksgiving day!
Sweet little Lilly!

We all went over and had Thanksgiving dinner at Andre and Melissa's.
All of the food was very good!
Thank's for having us over and cooking everything.
Jack and Jolie and Tori and Ella
Lilly took a nap while we ate.
After dinner we played some video games and hung out
Grandma and Grandpa with the grand-kids.
Lilly got sad.....

Ryan and his Mom- Sandy
Later that night Ryan and I- along with Justin and Katrina did some black Friday shopping. The boys came along this year to help with Lilly (I just wasn't ready to leave her yet!) and Katrina, since she's pregnant.
It was nice to have them tag along and push the carts for us! They were our protectors from the crowds!
It was Ryan's first time going black Friday shopping, he thought it was pretty fun actually.
Not nearly as many great deals as they had last year, which I guess was good for our budget and the small car we were driving in.
After shopping we ate so breakfast. These pictures were taken at 3am! We look tired!
We were sad that we didn't get to see much of anyone this trip- we were only there TWO days!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

On our way home Ryan insisted that we stop at one of the many shops that line the road along the Indian reservation. Can you tell he was just a little excited.
Jack was a little nervous about that dog sitting near the door. Jack didn't take his eye's off of him the whole walk back to the car. Even when walking down some stairs.
So then Ryan made all of us take a turn being an Indian couple. He made me be the man, he wanted to be the woman.
Heheheheheh! I love Jack's leg sticking out!
The day we drove home was Jack's actual birthday!
He's officially 4 years old! My big boy!
Late that night I ran to the grocery store to pick up some things and got Jack a little cake.

My one and only baby boy is 4 years old!!

Lilly 11/13/2011

3 months old

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The week before Thanksgiving

Sarah, Sami and I went and saw the new twilight movie. 
I always feel bad for anyone who sits near us. Most of the movie we were laughing and making jokes.
"Where did he get the sonic cup!?"
Until the end... we all became very quiet at the same time. Gorey!
Thanks for going with me ladies!!
Jack had been looking forward to getting his birthday card from Grandma on the farm, it probably came in the mail on the day of his party, but in all of the craziness we didn't actually go get it out of the box for a couple of days. He was so excited!!! I asked him "Are you rich!?" He then asked me "who's Rich?"
So cute!! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

I love a nice clean baby! I can almost smell the baby soap just looking at these pictures!
She's starting to talk and coo all the time now! I love it! She's going to laugh any day now!

Jack opening his birthday card. I don't know how to turn it.. oh well.
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