Monday, March 29, 2010


Liam Richard Reed
Born March 26th, 2010
8lbs 8oz 20.5 inches
Congratulations to Sarah and Mr. K
and Ethan and Matthew
What a sweet addition to our family!
We are so excited to have Liam here with us.
I can't wait to meet his soon!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This week we were just trying to get back into the swing of things.
Spring break really threw all of us off.
But I HAVE been taking a bunch of pictures.
{trying to get something I really love to hang on my wall}
So more to come... I need your advice.

But for now... I thought these were all funny.

Why I think that Jack is so weird.

1. both feet in holes punches. {good thing he never pushed them down, if he did he would have two perfect holes in each foot}

2. Still in his Jammies at noon. Oh wait, that's my fault.

3. Wearing a golf glove. That's where that was!

4. His FACE!

5. Holding a screwdriver. Was that for protection?

6. Sitting in a doll chair and he fits.

7. That he's in the closet in general. I have no idea what he was doing in there really or why he thought that made a fun hideout!

The last couple of days of spring break Ella really enjoyed helping me with some fun projects- like the pillow and tissue flowers! We thought they turned out so cute.

It sure was sad to say goodbye to my BellyBug when she had to go back to school.

She's doing so great, on the home stretch for summer! I can't wait!

We have so many fun things planned!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Phoenix Zoo

Tuesday we went to the zoo!
The kids were so excited!
{A HUGE thank you to the SCOTT family for making it possible!!!!!}

Jack was SO excited! He was running all over trying to find all of the animals!

But his favorite for sure was the Rhino!
We watched him for a long time, eating his breakfast.

He also liked the little deer {or whatever they are}

Ella was in charge of the map! She did a great job leading us through the zoo to see our favorite things.

The baboons were a lot of fun to watch too. Jack would see their red bums and say "ouchy mama!"

Jack did NOT like it when there was an exhibit without anything in it, or when he couldn't see what was inside.
"Where it go mama!?"

The kids thought these warthogs were really funny!
They smelled TERRIBLE and looked like sacks of skin.
So weird.

When Ella was little the flamingos were always her favorite!

But now it's the Zebra!

Then it was time for lunch.
The weather was so nice! 75 degrees!
We sat for a long time, just enjoying the breeze and feeding the ducks.
{When we got home we realised that enjoying the sun gave us all sunburns. Oops. Next time I wont forget the sunscreen!}

As we were walking along the water looking at the fish and turtles all of a sudden these HUGE peacocks walked RIGHT by Ella.
She was a little freaked out to say the least!
{My camera was acting up so much that day! AH!}

The monkey's were so fun to watch, jumping from rope to rope!

Finally in the afternoon Ryan got a call he had to take.
I knew it was going to happen at some point.
But that was ok, we all needed a good rest!

We took some pictures while we waited.
{Again, camera being weird!}

SUCH a DIVA! "hold one sec Mom".

When Ryan was off the phone we wanted to take some family shots, first time Ella didn't make it before the timer. Awwww... don't we look cute!?

My little baby kangaroos!

They had a lot of fun playing on there life size replicas of different animals.

Jack felt like he had found some of his own kind!

Ella loves turtles!

My Pearls!

So right after playing on all of the NONE real animals we went to play with some REAL animals.
{Why do petting zoo's always only have goats!?}
Jack was actually really great about getting down and brushing some of them.

Until one stood up and realised, those are REAL!

Poor guy... he wouldn't let me set him down again.

Ella was so sweet, she brushed every single one. But she warned me, don't brush that one Mom, he's really aggressive. She's so funny! She also told me she's seriously thinking about becoming a veterinarian someday.

Couldn't walk by some tractors without trying them out.

Ella had so much fun milking this cow!!
Ok, well it wasn't a real cow, but it worked like a cow.
She said she wants to try to milk a real cow this summer when we go to Wisconsin!
Where was Jack, Oh, pushing a kid off the tractor so that he could have another turn. Nice.

Then... we were all pooped.
Jack crashed in the wagon while Ella made some friends in the play area.
She was running all over the place playing tag with a bunch of BOYS.

Out of breath!
We had such a great day! It was the perfect afternoon together as a family.
I'm so glad we went!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun at Golfland

The official start of Ella's spring break, Monday, GOLFLAND!
You know that place in Mesa that you can see right off the 60 that's really old. Like Ryan remembers it from when he was a little kid and kind of thinking it was old, yep, that's where we went and it was actually a lot of fun!

Ella was really good, except when she would swing the club way up into the air and we would all back up and duck. {No one was ever severely injured.} Jack had never been mini golfing, he didn't really get it. Other then the ball needed to go in the whole. Even if it wasn't our ball. He would run over to OTHER families and take their balls and run and put them into the hole. Sheesh.

Ryan tried teaching Ella the rules and how to putt!
She would get so excited and yell, "mom, I got a 9!"
We each got one hole in 1!

He totally figured it out, why try and hit the tiny ball with the club when you can just pick it up and throw it where you want it to go!?
Although it wasn't as fun after he got his hand stuck under the little door.

He thought he was such a smartie pants.
I think it's time to let go of the passy.

Yep, Ryan actually took a couple of shots of me.

It was pretty hot that day. Over 80 degrees! We were all dying of thirst the whole time. The time has come yet again to carry water bottles around wherever we go again.

Ella has liked taking more pictures. She always tries to OVER direct though, until we are saying... just take the picture already!

See, this place was OLD.
What a goof!!

Where is Jack!? Oh, climbing a really high slippery rock wall. Typical.

Ryan thought that people would think that Ella was being racist and told her to stop posing like that.

On the last hole we look over and Jack's just sitting on the hole in one. Ryan thought that was so funny! Ryan was still laughing about it when we look over and there is Jack with his pants and diaper down sitting on it like a potty, trying to get his hole in one! Now you get it? Others saw, others laughed. What a stinker!

Then it was off to the races! Jack was VERY disappointed that he couldn't go. You had to be 3... so sad.
Ella had a lot of fun! Ryan looked so serious but was having fun too, it's hard trying to kick the butts of a bunch of 12 year old kids!

Another shot from Ella.
I took Ella on the bumper boats, bad idea. It made me so sick, all the spinning around and around. I had told her that she could drive it the whole time, but by the end I had to or I was going to be sick. It was a lot of fun though, Ella LOVED crashing into people and slashing them!

Ella's yells "hey mom, watch me, I can be just like Mowgli!" Sure enough.

Then the kids just played forever in this huge playground. Jack was a little shy at first. We didn't see Ella most of the time, she was having too much fun with all of her new friends. We would hear her say "you can be in my club" or "let's run from the boys"! I LOVE that she's so outgoing and friendly! She makes friends wherever she goes!
It was so hot we went and got some ice cream. Jack was being so funny! I love all of his facial expressions!
It was a fun first real day of vacation!
More fun to come!!!!

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