Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Christmas Tree

After a late night we all had to peal ourselves out of bed, but soon we were awake with excitement to go and pick out our Christmas tree!
I had heard about a little tree farm not far from us.

There were so many trees, it was so hard to decide!

This is what happens when little legs get tired..

The kids were getting restless.. and Ryan. So we just picked one!

Although the color is beautiful, it sure is an ouchy tree!!

Waiting for Dad to pull up the car we found a tiny patch of snow.
It was find of nice though, to not be cold while out looking at trees!

With Ryan running late for work we didn't tie the tree down very well! It actually fell off the car in the middle of the road! Oops.. something to remember I guess!

As soon as we got home Ryan had to leave for work.. which meant that it was left up to me to get this thing in the stand. I had a total meltdown! UH! I think that this is going to have to be the last year that we get a real tree for a while!.. It sure does smell nice though.

Time to get out the decorations. I wish that I had more lights..

Every year the kids pick out a new special ornament.
I love seeing the variety throughout the years.

Lilly LOVED hanging each ornament carefully on each branch.
Some things are just SO special!

Lila woke up from her nap and joined in the fun.

All done! We are officially ready for the Christmas season!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Thanksgiving day started out great!
Rosalie Ray Jensen
6 pounds 19.5 inches
Congratulations to Bizzy and Tyler!!
To Ryan, Thanksgiving isn't right without having Bailey Pudding.
Which isn't really pudding at all.. it's more of a bread pudding.
It took me 7 hours to make. No joke. It only makes a little bowl (about 5x more then what you see here) But Ryan loves it and reminds him of his family, so it's all worth it!
We almost thought Mom wasn't going to make it to Thanksgiving this year since she was up with Bizzy! But she did and everything was set up so nicely.

Someone couldn't wait until after the turkey for a nap!

Time to eat!

I didn't get a single picture of Ella.. she was there. She was just so busy with cousins!

Couldn't find the boys.. all downstairs playing

After dinner the babies took a nap with Grandpa while the rest of adults hung out and planned for black Friday shopping.

In the evening Ryan and I went out of grabbed a few things. Then later I dropped him off at home and picked up Mom. Got about half of the shopping done!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jack is Officially 7 Years Old

Since Ryan was gone for Jack's birthday party we had a little family party for him.
He requested "Mini Murph's" for dinner.

After dinner we all sat and watched him open all of his presents from me and Ryan.

He was so funny... he kept looking up.. he didn't want to see what the present was until it was all unwrapped!

More and more and more Ninja Turtle things.

When Lila saw that big blanket she had to try it out..
Poor baby!! She just wanted that Ninja Turtle blanket... (I got her a girly one for Christmas)
Apple pit instead of cake!

This was my Jack-Jack when he was just a couple of days old. I can't believe that 7 years have passed.
He has tested my patience more then any other child. At the same time he is my most loving.
Happy Birthday to my favorite boy!
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