Monday, November 24, 2014

Jack's 7th Birthday Party

After months and months and months of waiting.... it was FINALLY Jack's birthday party!
He is not the most patient kid..
Way back in July we got this cool cutout from the movie theater! Jack couldn't wait to show his friends!

Ever since he saw the ninja turtle movie he's been obsessed!

Jack was such a good helper! He cut things out of set things up.
(Good thing too, since Ryan was still out of town!)

Everything was ready, time for the party!!

Jack just kind of handed out invitations.. so I wasn't sure just how many kids were coming!
But it turned out to be just the right amount!

First we played some games.. throw the pizza (Frisbee) into the pizza box...

I ordered a ton of these masks online.. the kids all loved them, even Lila!

Then we played pin the pepperonis on the pizza!
 I wasn't able to get very many pictures! With Ryan gone and my Mom sick.. it was just me and Lisa!

Jack loves to sing... to himself?
He was asking the whole party.. when do I get to open my presents!?
After cake!!
He couldn't wait to have cake!

The kids love when they get a present ON their cake!
FINALLY present time!!
It's not a real party until someone throws up!.... Poor Will, he started not feeling well.. we called him Mom, but before she could get there he threw up all over our front lawn. Better than all over my carpet. Poor guy! I'm sure this is a birthday party he will never forget!
Jack got so many wonderful gifts! Thank you everyone!!
He even had a friend from soccer give him some petrified wood! ;)

Tons and tons of Ninja turtle things and tons and tons of Legos.
His friends know him well!

After that everyone just hung out and watched the old ninja turtles and played with Jack's new toys.
I'm so grateful for all of the friends Jack has made over the past few months, it made his party that much more fun!

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