Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Week Before Thanksgiving

While Ryan was gone the kids and I literally did nothing.
I cleaned and decorated for Christmas.. the kids went to school. I didn't leave the house for 4 days.
So on one of the last nights before Ryan came home the kids and I decided we should do something fun.
They have been wanting to see Big Hero 6 for a while.
We got there early and so we played some of the arcade games.

Cute movie.. I can't go to movies alone with the kids.. Lila's too naughty!

Case in point...

The girls and I were out running errands and we all got so hungry. I love Lilly's face!!!

Lila was hilarious the whole time.

 Baby of the family problems.. sharing problems..

A while ago I paid to have Ryan's grandfather clock fixed.. but it still wasn't working right..
I called the guy and he came back. He took the whole thing apart. He was banging on things with his little hammer so hard that scared me.. but I guess he knew what he was doing, since the clock is working perfectly now! 

When you're three and someone else has a birthday party.. it's super hard...
Christmas is coming Lilly!!

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