Friday, November 21, 2014

This Week

Almost all of the snow melted.. all that was left was the little snowman the kids made..
"Olaf's melting Mom!"

Poor Lila.. You know she had to have been REALLY tired to fall asleep like that.. poor baby.

I did move her to a more comfortable position.

Every year the kids pick out a special new ornament.
At Target there was a lady letting kids test out some toys.. I know what Lila wants now.

So many to choose from. It's so fun to see the different things the kids choose over the years.

I've been in such a Chistmasy mood that I decided to make a new tree skirt.
It was taking FOREVER. Finally Ryan said he would come in and take over.
He only did a little before he decided it was more complicated then he had thought.
Thanks for the help hunny!

Jack likes to "work out". Which means doing situps in his room and occasionally doing a work out video! What got into this kid, I don't know. Neither Ryan and I are big fans of working out ;)
The other day he told me that he had a sixpac. Uh hu... Well, he really does!
That's crazy!? What 6 year old has that kind of AB's?

These ladies, especially Lila is OBSESSED with the movie "The Fox and the Hound".
Who likes that movie? It's so depressing!

This tiny, she's been waking up and wanting to get in bed with us for the last couple of days.
I hope that tooth breaks through soon!

A simple run to the store.... and this is what happens.

No way...

But while there we bought our first eggnog of the season!

OK, I'm ready for it to be Christmas.
Thanksgiving is just an extension of Christmas at this point.
The other day the kids and I got out about one third of our Christmas decorations.
Lila loved this Lucia wreath!

Now that my tree skirt was all done.. I needed to set up and tree and see how it looked!
We are planning on going and cutting down a real tree the day after Thanksgiving, but I had this little pathetic thing in the basement.
I pulled it out and decided that maybe if I flocked it, it might took better.
A little glue and paint later.. not so bad.

I actually think I like it...

Bring on the candy canes, ice skating, wrapping presents and much, much more!!

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