Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cell Phones

We got new cell phone numbers!

Ryan 480-228-8347

Rachel 480-228-8469

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We have arrived

We made it to Arizona last night! I thought that I would let everyone know that we made the drive just fine. (Since I don't have a phone right now and can't call anyone I thought that I would make a post. If you do need to get a hold of me call on Ryan's phone 801-687-2011) After a very cold day of working on the house- in the snow Ryan's parents got to Utah to help us! We don't know what we would have done without them! They helped us with everything. Ryan and I both feel like it would have taken us a week to pack the truck if they hadn't come. But we got everything done in the time that we needed, even with Ryan getting a sprained ankle! Ouch! Also, good thing that Lisa was there to help and hold Jack or I wouldn't have been able to get anything done and Ryan and I both would have been sitting on the couch. (Him with his foot in ice of course) Oh and thanks again Lisa for making me cry. I almost never cry, but she managed to get it out of me.- in person. I like to do most of my crying in private. I am so sad to leave my dearest friend. We have gone through a lot together over the past 7 years! Including dating hot motorcycle boys, meeting our husbands, our weddings and being there for the birth of each others children! You better come and visit me soon!
It took us about 12 1/2 hours to get here. Not bad when the moving truck could only go 20 miles per hour up some of the hills. The kids did WONDERFUL! I couldn't have asked for them to be any better. Jack only cried for the last ten minuets! I am so thankful that they both were happy and never threw up or anything. Although Ella did pee on the side of the road once. I thought it very brave. Ella was so funny, while driving she was asking about all of the rocks, hills and plants. Later on she looked over to me- Mom, looks like we've left the land of the rocks and for the land of the bushes. I love her perspective on things.
So now we are here, staying with Ryan's parents for the next couple of days until we can find a rental house. I have a few I've found online that I really like. We are so excited to be here and start our new adventure! All I have to say is it's 80 degrees here! Yippee!
Thanks for all of your help and well wishes! We already miss all of you in Utah! We hope that you can come and visit us soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Farewell Utah!

Of course the boys have to be a little weird. They can't act like they are going to miss each other or anything girly like that.

Best friends. Poor Avorie cried the whole way home. She's so sad that her best friend is moving away. Ella hasn't figured out that we are really moving yet. Things here have been too busy. I'm sure that after we are gone and she's feeling lonely, she will wish she could play with her best friend Avorie.

Last night we had our farewell dinner. The kids were so crazy that I didn't even have time to think that this really was the last time we were all going to be together. We are so sad to leave all of our friends, you all have been our family here in Utah! No more birthday parties, girl's nights or game nights! It hit me on the drive home, I cried the whole way. We love you all so deeply and are going to miss you so much! Come down to Arizona anytime and enjoy our nice weather!

P.s. I may not be able to post anything for a couple of weeks while we are traveling and getting set into our new place! Also, our phone numbers should stay the same for a while. We'll let everyone know when they change.
John and Tiffany Robinson

Jill Shepherd and Lisa and Jake Ballard

Yes, Ryan has something in his teeth. He's a dork who loves to ruin pictures.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last Week in Utah

Ryan's last day of work for Richmond!

This week has gone by so fast! I have been spending every hour of the day packing. I still feel like there is still so much to be done!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're out of here!

(Our house, we will be so sad to leave!)

Alright everyone we found out that we are moving- on FRIDAY! Yes, this Friday April 25th! Ryan found out that his last day of work is Wednesday. We'll take a couple of days to get things in order here and then Ryan's parents are flying in (so nice!) on Friday morning to help pack up the truck (if there are any strong men out there who have the day off and would like to help, we would love your help!) and drive everything down to Arizona. We are SO EXCITED! We can't wait for new adventures and warm weather! However that means that we will be leaving all of our friends here. We are so sad to leave you all and hope that we can stay in touch! Having a blog will help. For those of you who don't have a blog (Kristin!) you need to get one! On Wednesday night April 23rd a bunch of us are going to get together at Los Hermanos in Provo. ALL are invited to come, including children! We will be there around 7:30pm. Do NOT feel shy about coming along, we would love to get the chance to say farewell to everyone!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well, it's official- we are moving to Arizona! Ryan's working his last week here and I've been packing up the house! We aren't sure exactly when we are leaving, but sometime in the next couple of weeks. We think that we are going to be living in the Gilbert area, but haven't locked into a rental yet. I had to post this picture so that everyone could see what a sweet thoughtful daughter I have! I had been packing all day and I guess I had said something about needing to get something to eat and before I knew it Ella had made not only for herself- but for me as well a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple. I love that she even cut the sandwiches in half! Most of the time I feel like food having been prepared by children is inedible, however this time it looked really good and we had a wonderful lunch together. After I decided I better go and see what kind of mess the kitchen was in, it was spotless! She had even wiped down the counter! I just have to say that for a 4 year old, I was very impressed! I'm so glad that she's such a great helper to me! Some day's I don't know what I would do without her. I feel so blessed that she was given to me, that I am able to be her mother. She's my best friend.

Jack's 4 Month Check up

While in Park City Jack had his 4th month check up. We still see our pediatrician who's up there. It's the same Doctor who has seen Ella her whole life and we just love her. She's worth the drive! Alright, drum roll please...... Jack weights 13 pounds 2 oz (20th percentile) and is 26 1/2 inches long (94th percentile). No big surprise, he weights what a three month old should and is as long as what a six month old should be. But Jack is very healthy! He is very strong, alert and is capable of doing things far beyond what is age appropriate! (By the way we got one of those things that you put the fruit of veggies in to have babies suck on. They can't get any big chunks out at all. Jack loves it!)

Park City

This week Lisa and Pagie came along with us up to Park City and to the outlets! The weather was still very nice and we had a great day. The girl's enjoyed being able to play outside, even if there was a little snow around the palyground! They were so tired they fell asleep on the way home!


Ryan usually doesn't care what we have for dinner, he'll eat anything! But on this day he called from work and wanted to have a cookout because the weather was SO nice. Almost 80 degrees! Ella worked on her roller skating skills and ate almost every rib! She kept saying- these are just so tender! It was very funny!

Ella the Model

Ella loves to model for pictures. These were from this weekend.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


This past weekend the weather was a little warmer, so we headed outside for a little family walk. I took all of these while out and about.


Just some pictures of our boy.
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