Thursday, August 30, 2012

July-2 Riggs Come to Town

Again, way back in April we had talked to the Riggs about coming to Utah for a visit. Although Justin and Katrina had come up a couple of times, their kids hadn't ever been to Utah. Due to some extenuating circumstances they ended up needed to come the same time as Sasha and her kids. The more the merrier!! The only real trouble was that our house was just too small, so they stayed at a hotel half a mile away.
The whole Riggs family flew in early in the morning. Ryan and I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for him to get a big check. It finally came through the morning they got here, what a blessing!!! So I was actually gone grocery shopping when they got here. Shopping for three families takes a long time and costs to much! 
So the first day everyone was here we decided to have a big BBQ and get out the water slide.
Welcome to Utah Justin, from Ryan!
The look of price in his face....
Ryan also filled 300 water balloons for the kids. They really liked that!
Sweet Dakota, he was so much more grown up since I had last seen him!
Jack never really wanted to throw the water balloons, he loved them too much.
Gunnar was ready to go!!
Ryan wanted me to take these pictures. What a nice Dad....
They all got him back, over and over and over again. Ryan was just as wet as they were by the end of the day.

Again, Ryan wanted me to take these pictures, although that last one is pretty funny. 

So the fight ended up being between Jack, Gunnar and Dakota against Zach.
Zach won most of the time, but everyone had fun.

They Kylie got really brave and joined the flight!
Mostly just getting Jack.

Again, Jack never wanted to throw/waste his water balloon. Here he's telling me it's his baby and singing it a song.

The whole afternoon we played in the yard and on the slide.
Us Mom's got ready for the BBQ inside.
Lilly thought the watermelon was a really fun ride!
Kendall is such a sweet dolly and was happy all the time, playing with toys in the highchair. 
Later that evening I found Jack and Kylie outside writing with chalk on the sidewalk.
Even though they hadn't seen each other in months and I'm not sure how much they really remembered each other, they became good buddies and played well together.

July-1 Offen's Come to Town

I'm trying to catch up, so much has happened! 
Back in July we had a crazy couple of weeks! 
After the 4th I only had a couple of days to recover before some family came into town. 
(There was so much going on that I'm going to have to break it up into different posts!)
Back In April when we were down in Arizona Ryan's sister Sasha talked about coming up over summer break to get out of the heat and have a vacation for a couple of weeks. Before we knew it summer was half over and it was time for them to come!
Ella and Jack couldn't wait to see their cousin's!

After a very long drive the Offen's made it to Utah.
Lilly warmed up to Zach right away. He loves little babies!

The first couple of days were pretty relaxed.
I had always wanted to check out all of the cute little shops in down town American Fork, so one afternoon we did. It was nice to get out of the house and go for a walk. Ella and Tori bought matching bracelets. We also got our tickets for the carnival that weekend!
Since it was the week of American Fork's "steel days" and pioneer day there were some free activities in the community. The only one we really did was to go to the pool. At first we thought it was going to be too crazy, but it ended up being a lot of fun and I'm glad we went.
Ella is in activity days, I can't believe it!! She looks forward to going each time and feels so grown up. I had volunteered to help with this activity before I realized that Tori would be here, but it worked out great because then she got to come along. It was Tori's last time at activity days as she was about to turn 12 and be a part of young women's. That day will get here all to quickly for Ella too!

While there the activity director asked that I take a couple of pictures of each girl for a later activity.
Such sweet, good girls. I'm so glad that Ella has such wonderful friends.
The girls were all wet because we were at a splash pad!
So that was pretty much the first 4 or 5 days... more to come!

Lilly's Almost Walking

Late one evening I decided I better document Lilly standing up on her own.
She started taking some little steps, but is too chicken to really go for it yet.
Instead she walks around the edges of furniture. As she gets between the couch and a kitchen stool, she might attempt to try and step to it, but most of the time gets to scared.
Also, I love those jammies, they were Ella's when she was little.
You can't really see, but she's squealing with delight at her ability to push the little shopping cart!
Getting faster and faster!

Before I know it she'll be running!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 10th 2012

I love how Lilly covers her eye's with her arm when she sleeps!
Precious baby!

Splash Pad

Yet another day at the splash pad.
Snacks, water and Sudoku and I'm OK with that.
Lilly has become more and more inquisitive. 
She has wanted to do so many more things on her own. She is my most independent baby. 

Poor Liam, with that ginger hair and fair skin. He's got to stay covered up to avoid a sun burn.
Jack was explaining to me the proper way of cooling off
From the look of those goose bumps I would say he's cooled off.

Lilly got hungry and helped herself to some muffins.
I always wanted Ella to have a sister. Although they are nearly 8 1/2 years apart I hope that they will always have a love for each other and have a close relationship.
I love these of Lilly, such simple happiness! 
Liam had a rough day.
Didn't get a good nap and got sunscreen in his eyes.
He finally gave up and went to sleep, really, he's asleep in this picture!
Jack jumps from rock to rock being king of the rock!
Lilly has figured out that the mogley crawl is the most efficient. She just HAD to get back to the water!
Thanks for coming to stay with us Sarah! Until next time............... 
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