Friday, August 3, 2012

Hanging out with the Robinson's

One afternoon we decided to drive down and hang out with our friends- the Robinson's.
(There was a special reason that we went to hang out with them, but that will be in the next post!)
We all decided to go to the Spanish Fork splash pad
Except that it was crazy windy and the water would only turn on for 30 seconds and then be off for 15 minutes! It was pretty crappy. 
So we decided to take them all to the grocery store for some ice cream.
Lilly looks like she has a beard! 
It actually worked out well, the kids got a treat and Tiffany and I got our grocery shopping done.
It's fun to grocery shop with friends!!

This was Lilly's first time having an ice cream cone!
She LOVED it! Even if it did give her a brain freeze!
It was the perfect little size and price- .25!
The kids were so lucky and got a balloon on the way out!
Thanks Robinson girls!

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