Friday, August 3, 2012

Ella's 9th Birthday Party

Since Ella's birthday is in the summer it's just easiest to have a pool/beach party. It seems like we've done that a lot over the years.
Her birthday snuck up on me this year, I threw it all together the night before/morning of the party!
Ella thought it was pretty good, so that's all that matters!

Ella loved this little hula girl and her coconut cup!
That dang tiki punch was so yummy!
It's supposed to be the ocean with a little beach.
Adi, Jack, Alivia, Madison, Ella, Avoire and Paige
Ella with all of her best girls!

Thank goodness for Tiffany, she held Lilly the whole day so that I could run around and get things done and then helped clean after too!! Thanks Tiffy!
Ella was so excited and really soaked in the birthday party fun! Including- dancing, singing and lounging! 
Of course we got out the big slide! Jack LOVES the big slide!

Everyone had lunch. Another huge thank you to Ryan and Luke the grill masters!

Then it was pinata time!!
Luke, Izzy and Rylie
Adi, Owen and Avoire

Maddy really thought she was going to be the one to break it, but even she hardly made a dent.
It was a VERY strong pinata!
Ella was last and REALLY tried hard..... but couldn't break it open.
Then Luke had a try.... 

If all of the sugar from the pinata wasn't enough, time for cake!
I felt so bad, just a plain, home made boring cake. 
Ella still thought it was good and the kids all ate it, must not have been too terrible!
Of course Ella sang to herself... Happy Birthday to ME!
What a goof!

There were SO MANY kids everywhere! 
I don't know why I do that every year!?
When am I going to learn my lesson!?

Lilly needed some cake too! She LOVES cake! She's going to be a pro by the time it's her birthday!
On to presents. Ella loves to look back at all of the pictures of her many, many, many gifts.

The one thing Ella has been asking us for over and over and over... Roller blades!!!
Ryan sat outside for hours, making sure the slide was working right, cooking food, doing the pinata, watching kids and filling 300 water balloons!!! He got a HUGE kiss that evening!
The rest of the afternoon was just more playing outside on the slide and in the little pool, eating candy and throwing so many water balloons!
But where was Ella!?
Trying out her new roller blades... in her swimming suit!
Not the smartest thing she's ever done. That would have been pretty bad if she biffed it in nothing but a swimming suit.
She figured it out pretty quick and is getting so fast!
Although Ryan and I aren't fan's of sleep overs, we made a special exception since it was Ella's birthday.
Maddy, Avorie and Paige all got to sleep over.
Thank you everyone who came, for all of the help and for the wonderful gifts!!

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