Monday, August 6, 2012

Liam comes to visit and another parade

Sarah had to take Ethan and Matthew to see their Father, so she and Liam stopped by for a couple of days to hang out with us.
One morning we all went to the Lehi Parade. It's the best one for sure!
We got some yummy Lehi bakery donuts for breakfast. YUM!

These cow boys were kind of scary, but very entertaining. 
This cowboy looked the most authentic.. except for the fanny-pack! 
I love that they had all of the Lehi stake presidents, so sweet.
One of the most fun things about Lehi's parade are all of the ward and stake floats.
They are all so creative!!

Trying to grab the most candy. That day we came home with SO MUCH candy! We still have some.
Some of our favorite floats.
Then came Liam's favorite

Shooting web right at Liam!!!
Shooting right back!!

Lilly was so good, even though it was so hot.
I just kept dumping water on her hat, that seemed to keep her pretty cool.
One of these days we'll make it to a parade in time to get shade!

This guy was hilarious! He was obviously not affiliated with any float or anything, just dancing to the beat of his own the parade.
Ella never gets tired of seeing all of the "princesses", she wants to try out sometime
The boys were excited to get these silly hats.
The parade was so fun!!

Later we made cookies and just hung out!
It's always so nice when Sarah can come and visit!

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