Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Parade of 2012

All of the kids dressed in their finest patriotic outfits.
The kids were so excited, it is really starting to feel like summer now!
We packed up early hoping to get some shade, but lucked out.
It was SO HOT! Our donuts we brought for breakfast were melting!

Lilly wouldn't look at me, she was too busy doing something else.

Jack knows that when the police come, that's the start of the parade.

The kids most favorite part is whenever candy is thrown out.
Jack became pretty good at yelling and waving his arms to get everyone's attention.
I LOVE his little dirty bum
This is the kids favorite! Shopping carts filled with salt water taffy being thrown to all the children!
Of course Jack loves Willie- go UVU!

I have GOT to get Ella into theater... it's in her blood!
Jack is getting less and less afraid of that dang cow....
Finally over and time to cool off!
Snow cones at the carnival, perfect!
Summer is here and in full swing!

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