Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4th of July 2012

Sweet Lilly, she was so good! Especially since I woke her up at 5am!
This year Lilly and I woke up early and drove down to Provo to save some seats for the parade.
It was MUCH harder then I thought it was going to be!! You have to wait until 5am before you can put any camp chairs or blankets out on the sidewalks. By 5:20 when I got there... all of the spots were taken.
I knew that at some point the police would let you put blankets on the side streets. I even talked to some officers who said they would let me know when I could fill in the gap in the street.
As time went on more and more people started gathering on the sidewalks, just like me.
I was SO MAD! I had been there since 5am gosh dang it!!
There was a family, who had been there right at 5 and got a good spot on the sidewalk, they offered to help me! As soon as the officer said we could lay blankets down, the other family and I RAN trying to get a spot.
I didn't get as much space as I had hoped, but it was just enough. Thank goodness for that family who were nice enough to help me! I've learned a good lesson. Next time, if there is a next time- I don't know if it was worth it- I will get there by 4:30 and have at least two other people with me!! Sheesh!
After waiting for almost 4 hours by myself.... where were Ryan and the kids????
I called and called his phone.... Yep, Ryan had turned off the alarm and had NOT got the kids up!!
They got there just as the parade was starting!!
I had all of the kids clothes and things laying out for them.... huhhh.... not what they showed up in.. stinkers!!
The Robinson's came along too! I loved the girls matching dresses!! It made me want to dress Ella and Lilly the same!!

Again, it was VERY HOT!! Good thing I had lots of water and snacks!
Of course Sami and Tyler came along too!!!

Hey, look at that.. I'm actually in a picture!!
We all thought these Indians clothes were pretty cool

Alivia was dancing and jumping and waving her arms the whole time!
My most FAVORITE part of the parade!!! The missionaries!!!!!
It always makes me so happy to see so many (just in the provo area) serving the Lord!
Jack wanted a picture with some of the missionaries! He has been talking a lot about when he's old enough to serve a mission! I hope that he always has such a strong testimony and is excited to spread the gospel!
After such a long morning Lilly finally fell asleep in Daddy's arms.
Thanks for the umbrella Tifify!

The kids two favorites, Tom and Jerry!!
It's so fun that they have big balloons like that in the parade
After the parade we all went back over to our house for a big BBQ!!
The kids played outside, it was perfect.
Later that afternoon Lisa called, he Aunt has a BBQ every 4th and invited us to come along.
We had been once or twice before, so we knew it would be fun and the food would be yummy.
Ballard's and Bailey's
Lilly was so cute, she liked sitting in the cool grass
Ella is growing up so much. She's started trying to listen and be a part of adult conversations.
Jack.... when I bought those shorts they looked like they would fit him. As we were getting ready to go to Aunt Margo's I just threw them to him without seeing how they fit. Poor guy! They are obviously WAY too big! He rolled those suckers up as much as he could. I guess they will be great for next summer!
When Ella and Paige were little we took so many pictures of them together. We haven't been as diligent with Brielle and Lilly.

I love this one.. so cute!
I painted Lilly's finger nails and toe nails for the first time.
Jack had been uncooperative while trying to take pictures earlier, then he changed his mind and wanted me to take his picture on this little rock wall. Silly boy!
Thank you for having us this year!! Everything was so yummy!!!
Lisa's family and even extended family have always been so warm and inviting to us.
Lisa and I have very, VERY similar taste in clothing. Even for our husbands.
Even when we aren't shopping together. This was totally NOT planned!
This happens more then you might think
As it got later into the evening the kids played out on the driveway while the adults sat in back chatting.
Jack really wants one of these motorized cars for Christmas and he makes sure to tell me everyday!
The girls were off playing somewhere in the yard, at one point we couldn't even find them!
Look how much taller Paige already is!!
After dinner we drove over to a park to watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire.
The boys played with Lisa's new ipad
The baby girls hung out in their strollers
The boys ran around playing with their glowsticks

Lilly was EXCITED!!

Glow sticks were a total hit, totally worth the 1 dollar!

Jack was being so wild!! He loved playing swords and twirling his glowstick!
Crazy hair after a long day
Lilly's first 4th of July
It was a crazy, hot, busy, relaxing, fun day!! Happy Independence day!!!!!!!!!!

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Tiffany Robinson said...

I love how you take photos of the fireworks, animals, or parade people. I seem to only take them of us and not the event that is going on.

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