Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 24th

One of the great things about living back in Utah is Pioneer day!
It's like the 4th of July all over again. Parades, carnivals, fireworks!
We met up with Lisa and her family in Mapleton.
First we had breakfast in the park and let the kids play for a little before going to watch the parade!
Paige, Ella, Jack and Preston
Jack loved all of the candy!
It was so funny to me, most of the floats were of different wards, primaries or even stake presidencies!

After some serious begging and pleading I finally gave in and got Jack some cotton candy
He ate it all in about 5 minutes. Gross.
After the parade we took the kids back over to the park to a little carnival.
The boys got to play some little games

Jack wanted to be in charge of the tickets
While the girls went on all of the big jumpy castles!
It was a pretty hot day, good thing Lisa's parents live RIGHT across the street from the park!
We all went over for a little chocolate milk break.
Jack thinks that Nana is HIS Nana.
Both Ella and Jack love going over there, Lisa's parents are kind of surrogate Grandparents as we don't live close to either set of biological Grandparents.
I think it's so funny, Jack sat, sipping his milk and flipping through the Shopko ad!
Then we drove over to another park.
Jack kind of got thrown into this situation, he had been asleep in the car and we were running a little late, so I'm not sure how much he understood about what was going on.
Ella and Paige were in a different age group, so he was all alone in a field with a bunch of other kids he didn't know. I felt so bad, at one point he stood there and started to cry! I felt SO BAD!
All of the parents had to stand behind a tall barrier, so I couldn't just run and get him. Finally Jack heard me screaming his name and came over to me, where I was able to explain what was happening a little better.
Then he got a little more excited and ready for.....
A helicopter to come and drop ping pong balls!!
(Lisa's Uncle is the Mayor of Mapleton and he got the fun job of dumping them all out!)

After all of the balls dropped Jack still just stood in the same spot, unsure as to what to do. Finally he figured out, oh yeah- grab a ping pong ball!
Paige, Jack and Ella
Jack feeling so much better!
Once everyone had their ping pong ball we all sat down on some blankets.
We had to see if any of our balls would have a lucky number on it to win a bike!
Jack was seriously disappointed when his number wasn't called...... Maybe next year.
Everyone got a prize no matter what, a HUGE pixie stick!
There was a band playing a concert that we all sat and watched.
Jack has some pretty awesome air guitar moves!!

Jack was running wild, I guess all of that candy, chocolate milk and cotton candy finally caught up with him!
After the concert there was a big fireworks show!
It was one of the best I've ever seen!!
What a fun, busy, crazy day!!
Thanks Lis for having us tag along!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Over the past week since we got home from St. George I have been overcome with such a need to get things around here cleaned up and organized!!
I don't understand nesting.
I should not over exert myself by lifting boxes and standing in a hot garage all day.
And yet, I can't help it. I am SICK of all our junk.
We sure have collected a lot of it over these past 10 years.
When we moved into this new house there was not enough room for all of our furniture, so it's all been sitting in our garage for the past few months. Time to let it all go.
After 4 straight days of cleaning out every closet and drawer Lisa and I had a garage sale.
It went well, except for when the sprinklers turned on and got everything wet!! Oops!
The girls have both wanted to have a lemonade stand all summer.
Ella was so excited and woke up before 6am to get everything set up.
They made $28.00!!!!
The kids were so funny, they made SURE everyone knew they were selling lemonade.
Jack helped too. He stood and yelled "MONEY!" "Give me your money!"
I guess it worked though. Or maybe people paid them to go away.
Either way, the kids were happy.
Next I'm going to attempt to paint my crib, okay, have Ryan paint the crib. I will make some blankets and a cover for my new car seat.
Only 6 weeks and 5 days to go!!!
(If anyone is interested in a couch sectional or a dinning room table let me know!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Riggs and Bailey Family Trip

We were so excited when Justin and Katrina called us a couple of months ago to tell us they were going to in St. George this summer for a softball tournament and wanted to know if we could come along! Of course we had too, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see our best buds!!
So this past weekend we made the short drive down to see our dear friends.
But first we stopped (About every hour and a half, since I'm expecting) at a little petting zoo in Scipio that John and Tiffany had told us about.
It's out in the middle of nowhere, but it was perfect to get out and be able to walk around a bit

The donkey's could smell Ryan's sunflower seeds he was eating and followed him wherever he went
Jack is NOT an animal lover.....
There were tons of little bunny's everywhere hiding in rocks
Jack finally warmed up enough to touch a little lamb
Ella's favorite were the little mini horses. She wants one so bad!!
Maybe someday Belly!

Time to hit the road again!
I think the peacock wanted a ride, that or he was eating the bugs off of the front of our car.
Like our little rental!? It was so much cheaper to rent something and drive it down then it was to drive the huge expedition
We finally made it to St. George!
Justin and Katrina rented an awesome condo big enough for all of us!!!
The kids started having fun right away, playing the Nintendo the Riggs brought along
Dakota and Gunnar
That night we just unpacked and hung out. It was SO nice to see the Riggs again!!!
Justin, Ryan and Jack
The next morning we hung out and got dressed before going into town to get a little treat!
All of the kids!
Oops, Ryan blinked!
I feel like my belly looks so much bigger in pictures then in person!
Only 8 more weeks until she gets here!
Later that afternoon Justin had a softball game and Ryan had to study so Katrina and I took the kids down to the pool for a little bit.
Jack wanted to wear his life jacket. He was a little nervous around the water. It's been awhile!
Ella and Kylie!
It was a little windy so we didn't stay too long
Yummy watermelon!
Sweet Kylie is getting so big!! Her hair is so long!
For dinner we all ate some yummy pizza
Jack really loves watermelon. Katrina got a really good one!
Ella loved hanging out with her old buddies again
After dinner we all went to watch Justin play in a game.
He's very good at softball. His team made it very far in the tournament!
The kids had fun playing on the grass and eating some treats
After the game we went back and put the kids to bed/watch a movie
And us adults played games.
These guys are so much fun!! We were all laughing so hard!
We ALWAYS have a great time with the Riggs!
The next morning we had donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.
Ella was singing us a song
Then it was time to hit the pool again!
Justin had another game, but Ryan came down to swim with the kids.
First thing he did was throw Ella into the pool... with her shoes on!
It was pretty hot outside and Ryan and I both got sunburned a little
Look at that HOT MAMA!
I can't wait/hope to be thin again!!!

I told the kids that I would take some pictures of them jumping into the pool.
They would jump in over and over and then want to see all of the fun pictures of themselves in the air!
Dakota and Ella

Jack wouldn't jump in, he just wanted to hang out with his Dad
Jack finally got brave and took off his life jacket off and went swimming under water with Ryan

These silly boys!!!

Kylie wasn't afraid! She jumped in more times then all of the other kids combined!

Our view from the condo
The condo was so great!
We have got to go back there again! It was perfect for our two families!
THANK YOU RIGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan "studying", he did a lot of that on this trip.
But the poor guy needed it.
If he wasn't "studying" then he was playing with the kids.
They were trying to tackle him to the ground. I told them I would give them all a dollar if they could get his bottom to touch the ground. They couldn't.
On our way out to dinner we saw a bunch of bunnies out on the grass.
The boys tried to catch some..
After dinner we drove over to the temple to check it out
Bailey family, soon to be a family of 5!!

The kids ran around and even got to watch some fireworks going off nearby
The next morning we all went out to breakfast before having to say goodbye.
It was so sad to leave!! We love the Riggs so much!!
We feel so lucky to be their friends! They are some of the best friends we've ever had!!
You guys are the BEST!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do for us!!!
We love you guys!! Thank you for having us tag along!
We miss you guys everyday! We WILL see you again SOON!!

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