Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Storytelling Contest

When Ella heard that her school was putting on a storytelling contest, she knew she wanted to try out and exactly what story she would tell.
She practiced over and over for a week.
It just so happened to be Ryan's day off, so we all went and got to watch her perform, along with the other children.
They were all very good and Ella did her very best.
In the end she didn't win, but it was still fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sami's Birthday

Happy Birthday Sami!!!
Thank you for all that you do for us and for being such a wonderful friend.
I don't know what we would do without you!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Jack- 5 years old

He loved these glasses!
Ella- 9 1/2 years old

Always a good sport
Lilly 17 months old

A stinker!
OF COURSE Valentines day came up on me so quickly!
Although I haven't been feeling sick at all with this pregnancy, I have been feeling SO tired!
Which makes things like Valentines day, or anything that's "extra" so much harder.
A couple of days before Valentines I tried taking some pictures with the kids.
The house was dark and my lights weren't working.
We also spent an entire 15 minutes taking ALL of these pictures.

Lilly was being so funny, Ella and I decided to take some more pictures of her.
One day I had some extra time before having to pick Ella up from school, so I ran over to the outlets (not a good thing they are so close now!)
and as I was walking around the GAP Lilly walked up to me wearing these sunglasses.
Which she would not take off.
So they came home with us, which is ok since they are so dang cute!

These kids are so much fun!!!

Late at night, the night before Valentines the kids told me they needed Valentine boxes to take to school! WHAT!?
This is what we (again) could throw together in just a few minutes.

I printed out a ton of Valentines for the kids to take to school, but also so send to our friends and family.
The school ones made it out, the friends and family are still sitting in envelopes on my desk.
Oh well.
Maybe I'll get my crap together by Easter and I'll send them with an Easter card.
Don't get your hopes up!
Ella had two different options that she handed out.

My favorite is the one of them all together.
Next year there will be another little someone in the picture!
I didn't really get any pictures of valentines morning when the Valentine fairy came.
Jack was terrified, thinking of the Valentine fairy. 
He couldn't sleep.
Finally he asked that we write a note to put on his door asking that she just leave his treats at his bedroom door and not on his bed like usual.
Then he could finally fall alseep.
In the morning all of the kids had boxes of chocolates waiting for them.
They all felt a little like- that's it?
Again the fairy was just too tired.
The Easter bunny will be better!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

January Instagrams

1. Its official! 2013
2. Meeting up with some cousins
3. Building Jack a huge thing for all of this toys
4. Jack loves being a helper
5. DONE!
6. Who needs pants in January?
1. I always said my kids wouldn't have TV's in their rooms. Dad's veto
2. Playing together
3. First day back to school after Christmas break
4. Jack the bear. I should have just bought it!
5. Protecting his sister :)
6. Brielle and Lilly
1. Pretty little lady
2. Lilly loves suckers
3. Lilly wishes that she could do gymnastics!
4. Jack loves Gymnastics
5. Jack already a pro
6. Flip
1. My burrito baby
2. She thinks she can do big kid things
3. Happy Birthday Ryan!!! 32!!
4. Lilly cried until she got food
5. We are IN our 30's!!
6. Jack loves action figures
1. Lilly loves cake
2. especially chocolate cake
3. Still loves a binkie
4. She had been all ready for church....
5. Ryan needed surgery. And he says that I always go to the doctor!?
6. He was HILARIOUS when he was all drugged up!
1. Seth's birthday. He needed to be batman too!
2. Wild girl
3. Loves her baby and the movie Rio!
4. Lilly
5. Loves
6. To read!
1. Jack love his 49er's hat
2. So much that he wears it in the tun
3. Lilly loves books.. a lot
4. and Rio.. 10 times a day
5. Silly
6. Baby
1. Our washer broke
2. So I got to take these kids to the laundry mat.
3. They thought it was the coolest
4. Until it was taking forever
5. So they read magazines
6. Lilly loves free popcorn at Home Depot
1. We are eating too much fast food
2. But Lilly doesn't care. Waiting to get Jack from preschool
3. Best friends hanging out at Brielle's birthday party
4. Lilly with ice cream
5. Ella doing another family home evening
6. Lilly always sleeps with her hands like that
1. Finally!! The day arrived to announce our BIG news!!
2. Baby number 4 is on HER way!!
3. Three girls and one boy! Jack was disappointed....
4. Lilly's
5. Going to be
6. A big sister!!
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