Friday, July 6, 2012

Ella's 9 Year Pictures at the Lake

On yet another day at the lake Ella and I decided to take some pictures of her, since she was only DAYS away from being NINE YEARS OLD! 
How did this happen!?

She love, love, loves jumping pictures.

I can't help but think that she's the prettiest girl I know.
She's such a good, sweet girl.
I wouldn't know how to live without her.

Ryan watched Jack and Lilly while I was taking pictures.
He's such a good Daddy to our children.
It was such a perfect night on the water.
Ryan took the kids (with life jackets on) way out into the lake.
Since you can walk that far out!
The kids had a lot of fun with Ryan throwing them way up into the air and splashing into the water.
That man is strong.
Lilly hung out with me on the beach.
I am so lucky that all three of my children are easy going and are of such sweet nature.
Time to go home.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Fathers day morning the kids and I woke up early and made Ryan a big breakfast.

But by the time we got it up to him, he was already showered and dressed and ready for church!
He loved every bite. He couldn't finish it all though. In fact half way through church he started to not feel so well since had ate so much sugary syrup, juice and bacon that he had to go home. 
It's the thought that counts right!? Sorry Ry.
Before we headed out the door Ryan opened his card and presents.
Jack could hardly contain his excitement! 
The kids each got him his favorite treat, sunflower seeds and peanuts!
I got him a new fishing license and some worms!

Happy Fathers day to Ryan, my father in law- Rick and my Dad- Matt!!
You're all amazing Fathers and I love you all!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seven Peaks

With our pass of all passes it allows us to go to seven peaks.
I hadn't been in years, like since Ella was a toddler and I was in better shape. Yikes.
She didn't remember ever going  and Jack hadn't ever been, so it was pretty exciting for them!
Jack was a little timid about going into the water, he was worried he was going to get lost. I guess that's a good thing.
I LOVE these pictures of Lilly..... little scrunchy nose!
I'm so done with her teething and runny nose!!

It was too hard to carry Lilly and a camera around with all that water, so we didn't take too many pictures of us actually doing anything.
We did wait 40 MINUTES for Ella to go down the slide. She loved it, so it was totally worth it.

first sunglasses.

Jack is nuts... seriously.
We figured out that the best place for us to hang out was just sitting in the wave pool.
I could easily watch the kids as they swam and Lilly could sit next to me splashing.
When we were going to the wave pool I told Jack some rules, stay by me, don't go into the deep end, watch out for inter-tubes, don't let the waves knock you down and squish you under the water.
Except that Jack thought I said "Whale pool"!!!!!
We stood on the edge of the water, Jack's eye's searching the water, totally scared.
All he heard was the "whales are going to squish him"!!!
So he wouldn't go in and was terrified!! 
Finally I figured out what the issue was and told him there weren't any whales, only waves.
Then he was fine and had SO MUCH FUN slashing and riding the waves in his life-jacket.
Ella wanted to be grown up and kind of go do her own thing.. but I kept her pretty close too.
Ella is growing up so fast I can hardly believe it! She's almost a teenager.....

Proof that I was there.

 After a long day (and now you can't take food into the park) we needed some lunch.
 A special treat of happy meals!
The kids and I had so much fun, we can't wait to go again, maybe Ryan can go next time.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

More Cousin's in Utah

The middle of June Sami's little sister Maisy came for a visit and got to have a sleep over for a couple nights with us. Maisy gave Ella an early birthday present- a matching dress!
That same day the Reed's came into town just for the day.
The children found this little snake. It was quite the thrill for all of them.
Ethan was the bravest and caught the snake in some buckets.

Liam was afraid and tried scaring it off with some of his power ranger/iron man/hulk and spider-man moves!!
What is Ella wearing? Do I seriously let me kids leave the house looking like that? I guess so...
Trying to pose for a picture with the snake in the bucket proved to be harder Ethan thought.
(Matthew and Jack were upstairs playing and missed out on all of the fun with the snake)
Lilly was very interested in all of the excitement and was a little sad she was missing out.
After trying to contain Mr. snake for a while, we decided it was time to release him back into the wild.
But not before Ella and Maisy took a turn touching him.
Brave girls!
Yeah for cousin's! Everything is so much more fun with cousin's to share it with!
(The Reed's hit the road for Las Vegas, but this wouldn't be the last we would see them this trip ;)  )
Later that night hanging out in the HOT sun with some ice cream cones.

The girls loved playing with Lilly and she loved all of the attention she was getting from those big girls!
After a couple of days with Maisy, Aunt Karla (Sami and Maisy's Mom) came to stay for a couple days too!!
One of the nights Karla and Sami were nice enough to let Ryan go out on a date- ALONE- without any kids. Even Lilly this time.
It was glorious! 

I love these pictures of Ryan, he actually looks relaxed and happy.
I think that we need to get out more..............
Thanks ladies!! 
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