Friday, July 6, 2012

Ella's 9 Year Pictures at the Lake

On yet another day at the lake Ella and I decided to take some pictures of her, since she was only DAYS away from being NINE YEARS OLD! 
How did this happen!?

She love, love, loves jumping pictures.

I can't help but think that she's the prettiest girl I know.
She's such a good, sweet girl.
I wouldn't know how to live without her.

Ryan watched Jack and Lilly while I was taking pictures.
He's such a good Daddy to our children.
It was such a perfect night on the water.
Ryan took the kids (with life jackets on) way out into the lake.
Since you can walk that far out!
The kids had a lot of fun with Ryan throwing them way up into the air and splashing into the water.
That man is strong.
Lilly hung out with me on the beach.
I am so lucky that all three of my children are easy going and are of such sweet nature.
Time to go home.

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Cameron Family said...

Ella is so gorgeous!

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