Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Day in the Bev

On one of Ryan's last days in Wisconsin we went and had a family day, just our little family in Beaver Dam
{This picture of Ella and Jack is one of my favorites from the whole trip}
Had to go to China Buffet! It's our favorite! We went there so many times this trip!
Jack and Ella loved it too!

Then we went down to Swan park where the kids played FOREVER!
Isn't Wisconsin so nice and GREEN!
Ella, in her element!

What sweet siblings! They love each other so much!
My TWO boys!

Every time Ryan goes out to Wisconsin he loves mowing my parents lawn. I think that it's relaxing to him. Just a man on his machine. Jack wanted to help him this time. He doesn't look very happy in the pictures, but he really was in heaven!
{Ryan LOVES Wisconsin. Sometimes I think that he loves it more then me. He loves everything about it there, but especially all of the MILK! He said that he can't wait to go back!}

Thursday, July 30, 2009


A couple of days AFTER the 4th we got some fireworks and Dad, Ryan and Jacob put on QUITE the show for all of us. Sometimes a little scary, but way fun too!!!!!!

This last video I wanted to get the reaction of the children watching the fireworks, little did I know that a HUGE one was coming right at us and blew up on the side of the house!!! {Ryan and Dad couldn't stop laughing!}

The { Park }

One of the afternoons we drove down to Madison to a fun park right near the zoo. The kids loved feeding ALL of the ducks!





Thursday, July 23, 2009

Independence Day

We woke up early and headed into Columbus for their BIG Independence day parade!Even Jack really got into it. I LOVE how he put his little hand over his heart as a flag went by. So patriotic!
Hanging out and having fun!
The kids loved that everyone was throwing out candy! They each got a whole lunch sack full! They had many old cars in the parade that were used in the filming of the new movie public enemies since a lot of it was filmed in Beaver Dam! Everyone always has to pose for a picture with the HUGE cow!Jacob was in the parade! He was there supporting all of his activities! He's really into community theater and the performing arts! I even got a sneak peak of him in the play Peter Pan as one of the pirates, VERY good!After the parade we went back to the farm for some BBQ and slip-n-slide fun! The little ladies loved it, even if they had to have a little help getting going from Aaron.Jack and Lucy didn't enjoy it as much.
Then it was back to Columbus for the carnival and fireworks! Ella has always wanted to play one of the games they have at all of the carnivals. But they are always so expensive and you might not get to take anything home. This time they had one for little kids where not matter what, you get something! So Ella was very excited to win herself a little fishy!
Jamie was SO nice to go on the roller coaster with Ella! She felt so cool with Aunt Jamie by her side!The older little girls also had fun on all of the rides! Izzy got to come and have fun with us too!
I love all of their faces! Priceless!The little kids went on several ride together! Then it was time for the fireworks! I love love love going to Wisconsin over the 4th of July especially because I love the fireworks! They do this one thing where it's just a huge ball of fire into the sky! You can feel it like opening an oven. SO COOL! It was Ryan's first time seeing it. He thought it was really awesome too!The babies just like playing in the dirt! The whole group! I love being in Wisconsin in the summer! There is so many fun things to do together as a family!

Adam's Birthday

The Party! The whole gang showed up. The cake was VERY good! The kids loved it too! {We celebrated Mom and Bizzy's birthday while camping, but I didn't get any good pictures of it. Happy birthday to you guys too!}

Adam and Bethany his girlfriend{slash}better be getting married soon-she's waiting long enough.

Lucy wanted me to take a picture of her. She's so pretty!

My Dad never lets anyone drive his car. But he let Ryan. I think that they said they took it over 80 in the S curve. NOT good you guys!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fireworks and Ryan Bailey

The day after we got back from the camping trip {we went home a day early! I just couldn't take Jack being all over me 24/7 and the BUGS!} all of us headed down to Madison to watch Rhythm and Booms, Madison's BIG fireworks show! We didn't get to close {some of the kids are still afraid of loud noises} but we could see them.The very next afternoon we drove to Madison again, this time to pick up RYAN!!!!
I was so excited to see him and for him to be in Wisconsin! He hadn't been there in almost 4 years! {although he had seen them when they had come out west} I love love love Ella's pose! My silly girl! We welcomed Ryan with a game of football!

Everyone had a good time! The only boys that we had missing were Jacob {who was at play practice and Mr. K, who was in Alaska!}

They had some good cheerleaders!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Orr family camping trip 2009

Jack had only been camping one other time in his life- which was last year in Wisconsin. I was hoping that this time would be as relaxing and wonderful as last year. Ella and Jacob!
They liked just sitting my the fire and singing songs.Jack wanted to be helpful and set up tents so he was in charge of the stakes.After setting up camp we headed over to long lake. Just a very short drive away. This was the trail down to the water.Lucy and Ella. They had so much fun finding shells and digging in the sand.

Mary and Jack

Ella and her favorite shell.

Jack's first real experience with sand.
He just ate it.

Aaron and Jamie brought their bikes and carrier! It was so nice to take kids for rides around the camp ground. At one point Mary even got both Lucy and Jack to fall asleep while on a ride!

Ella was very helpful with the firewood, loved singing along to Aaron's insult songs and ate ALL of the chips! Jack was a little naughty. He wouldn't let ANYONE else touch him, let alone hold him. If I even walked three feet away from him he threw fits! So much for the relaxing weekend.

On our last day of camping we drove over to like Michigan!

The kids had more fun digging in the sand and playing in a little raft!

Papa tried burying Ella in the sand, but she escaped and wanted to wash off, Papa helped.

Jack and MaryThe boys had a pretty serious Frisbee game going We had so much fun camping! {well, it would have been more fun if jack had been better} Here's hope that next year will be the best camping trip yet!

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