Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The big boy is walking! On Friday Ryan and I were just hanging out in the family room, Jack was just going back and forth between the couches when all of a sudden he just turned around and walked to the middle of the room! Ryan and I just looked at each other in shock! He just decided he was going to walk and did it! It's so cute! It's not actually a walk, it's almost a run! What a boy! Cross your fingers- I'm trying to get a video to post soon.

I took all of these pictures of Jack while Ella was at school. I TRIED to get a picture with Jack using my tripod. But he wouldn't ever be smiling or looking at the camera. This was the best I could do. Hahahahahaha!

Bride to Be

A few days ago Ella came home from school and was acting weird. She kept holding her hand like she was protecting it, as though she had injured it. When I asked her if she was OK she showed me this RING! She told me that while outside playing at the playground she and Anthony (a little boy in her class) had found this ring and that now they are getting married! Talking marriage at 5. It's starting already. What on earth am I going to do when she's a teenager!? Boy are we in for it. The other thing is that he- Anthony- is insane! He's pretty much the class bully with ADD and a Mohawk! She goes for the bad boys. Like Mother like daughter. Good thing mine turned out to be a big teddy bear after all.

Pillow fight!

The other day while changing the sheets on my bed the kids thought it was way fun to have a pillow fight together. (I wish that I had been able to take some shots of them in action. This was them pretty much when it was over.) As you can see from Ella's hair- Jack won! He's getting so strong! He loves to wrestle! Just don't get your hair anywhere near him because he will pull it HARD!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Done

Yep, I've read all 4 books now. I have started reading Midnight Sun on Stephenie Meyer's website. It's the first book, only it's through Edwards perspective. Very interesting. If you would like to check it out go HERE. Now I am just waiting for the movie to come out. What am I going to do with all of my free time now that I'm done.... clean house and be a Mom again.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

{Tag... again}

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago
1. I got my braces off- FINALLY!
2. Got my drivers license!
3. My family and I moved to Beaver Dam.
4. I had just turned 16 and went on my first date with Joe.
5. We went back to visit family in California and I had hoped that I looked more grown up and cool since the last time everyone had seen me. I guess it worked because that's when I went on my first date.
5 Things I need to do today
1. Pay rent.
2. Clean the house- it's a disaster.
3. Video Jack walking- yes, he's really walking now!
4. Get a package ready to send to my Mom.
5. Call our property management company to see if our house in Utah is FINALLY rented out!
5 Things I love to snack on
1. Chocolate covered pretzels.
2. Home made nachos.
3. Vegetable crackers with cream cheese.
4. Black olives.
5. Fruit.
5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire
(Really, that's not a lot of money and would be gone very fast.)
1. I would have Ryan take a year off from work so that he could go to school and finish his degree.
2. Pay off any debt
3. Build my dream house
4. Buy new cars
5. I don't think that there would be any money left but if there was I would SAVE for retirement and college for the children or invest.
5 Places I have lived
1.Sacramento California
2. Beaver Dam Wisconsin
3. Provo Utah
4. Park City Utah
5. Gilbert Arizona
(I have lived many more places)
5 Jobs I have had
1. Estee Lauder, Beaver Dam Wisconsin
2. Olive Garden, Modesto California
3. Jacintos, Provo Utah
4. Waikiki Beach Tanning salon, Provo Utah
5. Osmond General Store, Park City Utah
5 People I TAG
1. Lauren
2. Ashlee
3. My sister
4. Melissa

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Terrible, most awful Day

After having Ella picked up and taken to school I decided to take Jack with me to run some errands. Our first stop was a Dillard's department store at our local mall. I wanted to hurry and get everything done before having to pick up the children from school.
I jumped out of the car and grabbed my purse, phone and keys opened Jack's door and unbuckled him from his car seat. Uh... of course, he was very wet and needed to have his diaper changed. I looked in my purse.... nothing. I usually keep some diapers in the car somewhere. I looked around, unable to find any. I sat Jack in his seat and closed the door. I then walked around the car to the other side to look over there. Locked. Weird. I walked back to Jack's side. LOCKED!


I freaked out. I was on the phone talking to my Aunt. I didn't know what to do. My Aunt just said- "call 911, call 911!" I hung up and called Ryan. He told me to grab a brick and break the window. But I was in the middle of a parking lot. He agreed that I should call 911. It was so hot and by now I was starting to sweat as I told the dispatcher where we were located. A police officer got there within just 1-2 minuets. Jack was now sweating pretty bad and standing in his car seat with his hands on the window screaming. The officer said that we should try and get him to crawl out of his seat along the back bench to the other window so that he would not be in the direct sun light. I walked around to the other side and sure enough he crawled right over. It was so sad. He was screaming and putting his hands on the glass, reaching for me.
The police officer said that a fire truck was coming, however if they didn't get there soon that she would have to break the window to get him out. I just looked at her "I don't care what you do, I just want him out now!" Just then we heard the horn of the fire truck. Three men jumped down and got to work on all three other windows trying to unlock any door. If felt like an eternity, although I'm sure it was only a couple of minuets. The officer said that I was doing very well and that by my not freaking out (screaming and crying myself) that Jack was probably doing somewhat better. FINALLY the door closest to me was opened! As soon as it was open two inches I grabbed it and flung it open! I moved faster then I ever have in my entire life! I jumped in, reached around to the back seat and pulled Jack out! He was super super sweaty, but he stopped crying immediately and even smiled at everyone. The firemen gave Jack and bottle of water and watched him for a few minuets. They said that as long as he was acting fine that he was probably OK.
I was so thankful that- I had had my phone on me so that I didn't have to go into the store to call 911, that an officer had been in the parking lot already and that the fire department made it there within 3 minuets! Without one of those things happening just right Jack could have ended up in big trouble. I was so freaked out that I just wanted to go home. But the police officer assured me that getting Jack into his car seat wasn't going to be something easy to do right now and that I should go get him an ice cream and let him cool off in the stores. Which we did. As soon as I walked in the doors of Dillard's my Aunt Karla called me back, worried sick. Ryan too called to make sure that everything was alright.
After Jack got some water he was right back to his old self. Although he did eat the entire ice cream cone all by himself. I felt so bad for poor baby Jack-Jack. I'm usually so paranoid about things like this. Usually I roll a window down a little while the kids are in the car (like when I get gas) so that if for some reason the doors were locked that I could just reach in and open the door. What was I thinking!!???
Then I remembered- I had to pick up the children from school! I made it there just in time. What a day. If left like 3 days in one. I am SO embarrassed that I did this. Endangering my own child. He could have died. Babies can die in only 15 minuets in cars. I'm so blessed. The really stupid thing is that our car had a keypad on the drivers door to type in a code and have the doors unlock. We've had this car for 3 1/2 years and we've never known the code. Yeah, I'll be figuring out that code this week.
This will NEVER happen again. (Knock on wood.)

Monday, September 22, 2008


8 TV shows I like to watch.

1.The Office.
3.Jon and Kate plus 8.
4.So you think you can dance.
5.The Bachelor.
6.The View.
7.Sex and the City.
8.Grey's anatomy

8 Favorite Restaurants

1.Olive Garden.
2.Cafe Rio.
3.Texas Roadhouse.
4.Cheesecake factory.
5.Anything Chinese
6.Burger King- I know, it's gross but I love it.
7.Papa Murphy's Pizza
8.Los Hermanos

8 Things that happened yesterday.

1.Went to church.
2.Snuggled with Jack-Jack.
3.Read Ella more of little house in the big woods.
4.Read more Breaking Dawn. It's OK.
5.Watch Jack destroy everything in his path.
6.Made an apple pie with Ella.
7.Took a bubble bath.
8.Fell asleep with Ryan rubbing my back!Ahhhh..

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1.Our house selling and getting all of my stinkin furniture!
2.Tiffy coming to visit!
4.Jack learning how to walk.
5.Ella learning how to read.
6.Jack's first birthday.
7.Christmas in Wisconsin.
8.Going on a honeymoon with Ryan.

8 Thing on my wish list.

1.A new house!
2.A new car!
3.A wall storage unit for the kids toys.
4.To travel to Europe.
5.New bedding for Ella and Ryan & I.
6.To live close to my Mom.
7.To never have to sleep.
8.A maid/cook

8 People I tag

3.My sister

Thanks Ash! It was fun, although you just about had me stumped in the restaurants- we almost never got out to eat!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today we had our wards Primary Program in sacrament meeting! Ella memorized her part in ten minuets last week and never forgot- scripture study and family prayer will strengthen my family.
I was so worried that she would yell into the microphone or forget what she was supposed to say. But she didn't, I am so proud of her. She was great!

Grandma Bailey came to see Ella in the program! It's so nice to live close enough that she can be there for things like this. We missed Grandpa, he had church meetings that he had to be at.
After church
Jack Love's pulling out all of the DVDs!
Right before climbing in!
Ella was so excited to make apple pie! It was so yummy!
I hope that you all had a great weekend too!


Our day started off great with Ryan being home! He got a rare treat- sleeping in! Something that he almost never gets to do.
My boys- snoozing!
Ella was enjoying her bubble bath while I folded some clothes very near by when suddenly she screamed "MOM!" I RAN and sure enough- just as I thought the second she yelled- Jack had climbed into the tub, fully clothed! My Mom instincts grabbed him out of the tub. However now I wish that I had taken a picture of him him the bath with all of his clothes on.

So... now we are on outfit number 2. Jack found the diaper bag as he often does. He loves to pull everything out. This time he decided to taste so diaper rash cream! Gross!
He's crying because I wouldn't let him suck on the desitin container anymore.
Look at that sad tear

Outfit number 3. Corn on the cob.
We had a wonderful day being a family. We went for a walk, got some treats and did some shopping. We drove around looking at car dealerships-our car is seriously on it's way out! We also took Ella to see the movie "Igor" not worth the money, but Ella thought it was OK and it was something we could do as a family while relaxing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lauren's Bridals

Tonight I took my friend Lauren's bridals. We had SO much fun! Thank you Lauren for being such a good sport! You're beautiful!
To see more go to my other blog- rachelbaileyphotos.blogspot.com

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm going to keep my promotion another week- so hurry before all of my sessions fill up!

NO sitting fee's and a FREE 5X7!

Happy Birthday

HaPpy BirThDay KarLa!
Thank you for being such a wonderful Aunt!
I hope that you have a wonderful day!
Love- Rachel

Photo shoot

I have taken quite a few pictures of Jack lately and Ella was feeling left out. So today we went and did a photo shoot of just Ella. Well maybe a shot or two of Jack got in there too...

She would NOT let me tell her what to do or how to pose! She knew what she wanted to do!

I couldn't resist. He's pretty adorable too!

My sweet little Ella. I love this last picture. She's my sweet angel. As my Mom says- she's the one who made all of my dreams come true- when she chose me to be her Mother. I am so blessed that she's mine. She truly is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her. I love you Belly Bug!

Dang... my kids are cute

I just thought that he looked so cute!
I couldn't find him anywhere.... he was hiding
Ella loves to think up new ideas for pictures. She called me into the room because she thought that she and Jack must look so adorable!

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