Monday, September 22, 2008


8 TV shows I like to watch.

1.The Office.
3.Jon and Kate plus 8.
4.So you think you can dance.
5.The Bachelor.
6.The View.
7.Sex and the City.
8.Grey's anatomy

8 Favorite Restaurants

1.Olive Garden.
2.Cafe Rio.
3.Texas Roadhouse.
4.Cheesecake factory.
5.Anything Chinese
6.Burger King- I know, it's gross but I love it.
7.Papa Murphy's Pizza
8.Los Hermanos

8 Things that happened yesterday.

1.Went to church.
2.Snuggled with Jack-Jack.
3.Read Ella more of little house in the big woods.
4.Read more Breaking Dawn. It's OK.
5.Watch Jack destroy everything in his path.
6.Made an apple pie with Ella.
7.Took a bubble bath.
8.Fell asleep with Ryan rubbing my back!Ahhhh..

8 Things I'm looking forward to

1.Our house selling and getting all of my stinkin furniture!
2.Tiffy coming to visit!
4.Jack learning how to walk.
5.Ella learning how to read.
6.Jack's first birthday.
7.Christmas in Wisconsin.
8.Going on a honeymoon with Ryan.

8 Thing on my wish list.

1.A new house!
2.A new car!
3.A wall storage unit for the kids toys.
4.To travel to Europe.
5.New bedding for Ella and Ryan & I.
6.To live close to my Mom.
7.To never have to sleep.
8.A maid/cook

8 People I tag

3.My sister

Thanks Ash! It was fun, although you just about had me stumped in the restaurants- we almost never got out to eat!


Katrina & Justin said...

Crap, I read that you tagged me now I have to do it. J/K :) Oh yeah and about the previous post, Ella looked soo adorable.

Tiffany Robinson said...

ok another tag is going around.... ok I will get to it tomorrow if I can.

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