Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sarah's Here.... Part 2

This week Sarah and I spent a lot of time shopping. We like to think of ourselves as being thrifty and good at finding the deals.
I love these glasses I got for Jack at Old Navy for .89!!
Of course we had to go to Culver's! Sarah doesn't have one in Tennessee!

LiLi loved eating the napkins!

OK, so it's already like he's got 5 lbs weights in his diaper and yet he's still always hungry!
I talked Sarah into giving him his FIRST baby food!
He LOVED it!
I love how excited he was when another bite was coming and how he would try and grab the spoon and shove it into his mouth!
I swear he weighted even more by the end of the trip!

We spent a couple of afternoons in the pool. Not that it made a huge difference in cooling off. The pools almost 90 degrees!
(I'm so ready for fall!)

So sweet! He loves his Aunt Sarah!

So creepy!

Ella loves this dolphin. She never wants anyone else to use it, she's afraid it's going to get popped. It's really hard to stay on!

Boys are weird

Jack really is becoming a great swimmer!!

Brother and sister

We live close to an airport, Jack always loves spotting the planes and always wants me to take a picture of them

Later that night, Jack was totally pooped out and just crashed right on the floor

On one of Sarah's last nights here we went and had a girls night!
(Thanks to everyone who could make it!)
It's always nice to be able to hang out with your friends and just chat
We also went and saw the movie "Switched" Cute, cute.
Thank you for coming Sarah! I hope that you had a good time here and that you can come again soon! I'll try and come and see you soon too! Love you!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sarah's Here.. part one

My sister Sarah came for a visit with baby Liam!
I love it when they get to come and stay!
(Next time Mr. K, Ethan and Matthew HAVE to come too!)
While here we've just been hanging out, watching movies, EATING, shopping, more hanging out, more movie watching, more EATING and more shopping. ALL my favorite things to do!
Little fatty here (aka Liam) was acting like he needed some baby food.
How fun to have him eat real food for the first time at Aunt Rachies house!
He really liked it and has been eating it twice a day ever since. I swear he's even HEAVIER then when he got here! If that's possible.

I took a couple of shots of him, totally spur of the moment. I think they turned out so cute!!

Baby hungry, me!? OK, maybe.

And then he was done........

Of COURSE, they had to be twiners! Time for bed!

The next morning Jack was feeling a little jealous of Liam's photo shoot and wanted some pictures too.

OK, well maybe he had a change of heart three seconds into it and so I bribed him with TWO toaster strudel to let me take a couple of shots.


My sweet Jack-Jack.. He's almost 3.
(I've already got his cowboy/Woody themed party ideas flowing!)
What makes me sad is that I often times will tell people "we're new to Arizona". Which totally isn't true. We've almost been here two and a half years!
Jack was the same age as Liam when we moved here.
From the time that we got married, we've been trying to collect furniture and decorate. Maybe try not to look like we've living in a good will showroom. (Not that there is anything wrong with good will furniture, but you know what I mean!) So it's crazy to me that we're actually UPGRADING our couch in the family room. No more sinking to the floor and not being able to pry yourself out of the black hole your bottom got lost in!
Went with the chocolate brown, almost got the cream color, but then thoughts of yogurt and greasy fries all over a cream couch made me rethink. I'm much happier with my choice of a dark color! If you're in the Phoenix Arizona area check out what my friend Amanda has, she's got some awesome deals!!
More to come of Sarah's trip!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Week in Pictures

One afternoon Jack was really missing Ella while she was gone to school.
He put her jammies on, climbed into her bed and was reading some of her books.
What a goofy boy!

For the first time EVER Ryan and I were able to have an overnight away, WITHOUT kids!!
Can you say excited! We stayed close to home. I got a really great deal at a resort in Scottsdale.
No kids waking up in the middle of the night, climbing into our bed and kicking me and
pulling my hair and then waking up at 5am wanting to watch Mickey Mouse!
Well, for one night at least! Yippee!!
This is what Ryan did as soon as we walked into the hotel.
As we were sitting there watching TV, I was thinking- we could be doing this at home.
But then again, I would have to help someone go potty, get someone a juice box, switch laundry, wipe a nose, fix dinner.
Come to think about it, I haven't been able to sit and watch something start to finish.. ever.
Plus, it's just to dang hot outside!
This is the only picture I took the whole rest of the trip!
That night we went out to eat and to see a movie. Then in the morning we went out to eat breakfast/lunch (I loved sleeping in!!)
and then, we got a phone call.
In the middle of the night Ryan's parents (who were soo kind to watch our kids overnight!) woke up to find a massive water leak!
I guess that water was coming out of the ceiling downstairs like a hose!
The water supply to the upstairs toilet had come undone and was leaking water all over the bathroom, which then went through the flooring and was dumping gallons of water onto our dinning room table downstairs!
This is what we came home to see.
No water leaking, so that's good! But now we have major water damage!
Bummer man.
Good thing Ryan's parents were here! They were so great to watch the kids and then try and start cleaning up the huge mess all of the water made!
It's going to be several weeks before things are back to normal.
The kids had fun for days, playing with all of the huge fans!
carpet got fixed yesterday, next getting a new ceiling and tons of new baseboards!

Ryan went grocery shopping for me. Something he NEVER does!
He brought home a pineapple.
Ouch. Anyone who knows me, knows, I can't have it!
But Ryan and the kids did.
They were being so silly!
This week was crazy! However, the next few weeks are going to be MORE CRAZY!
I hope that I can survive it!
Sister Sarah and baby Liam coming to visit, two more photography sessions, me driving to Utah then to Idaho with two kids ALONE, seeing my Mom and taking my sister Mary to college, visiting with all of my Utah friends!

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