Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

The girls were so excited! We did their hair and make up.

Ella is Dr, Who, one of her favorite shows!
She looked so cute! She even got a sonic screwdriver!

The Harrison's came to trick or treat with us!
Three pirates and a ninja!

He knew last October that this year he wanted to be a storm trooper, no brainer.

Ryan's been Mario for a couple of years now, but this year Tyler joined in as Luigi!
They even had their Mario Karts!

Our Family!

First house, so exciting!!

The weather was seriously so amazing! I could't have asked for a better day!

So many people laughed and cheered when they saw these guys coming down the street.
I might just have to get a Peach costume for next year.

Jacob and Natalie are so creative! Loved their costumes!

Our neighbors the Larsens always put together a pretty scary haunted house.
So scary!

Ella ran into a bunch of friends.. 

I love our neighborhood so much! With so many kids, to hot dogs, hot cocoa, apple cinder, donuts, cotton candy and so much more!
What a great night! Happy Halloween!

While Ella went out a little longer with some friends the littles came home and sorted their candy.

Sugar overload!

And just like that Halloween is over.
Good night!

Jack's Last Soccer Game of the Season

Jack's last soccer game of the season.
It was such a nice day, even up in Heber the weather was perfect!
If they won this game they would be undefeated and the top team in their bracket!

They did it!!
So proud of my boy and all of his hard work and dedication.
I'm so happy with how he has improved over the season.
He has an amazing coach in Mario and such great teammates. 
I'm so happy to take a little break.. about a week of no soccer.
Next week we start indoor...
But I will miss getting to hang out with Jack, just him and me.
Jack finally earned the trophy he's always wanted!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Jack's School Halloween Party

It kind of stinks when you pick a costume with a mask.. that you can't wear to church or school parties..

Jack's always so shy still, although he's gotten a lot better.

After the school parade we went back to Jack's classroom to say hello and check out everyone's costume. 
(The little girls have been dressed up as witches everyday for over a week!)

With the school parade being so early and rushing out the door I promised the little girls I would take them to get pancakes after!

Tomorrow is Halloween!
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