Sunday, October 25, 2015

October is almost over...

This sweet baby... She's getting too big to call her that for much longer..

While waiting for piano lessons the little girls and I often wait and play at a park.
But I think this was our last time.. it's getting cold out there.

Savoring these fall feelings.

First taste of eggnog of the season!
It's official, the holidays are here!

The primary program went off without a hitch!
No tears, no screaming into the mic, no running off stage.

Trying to find a head for Ryan's special Halloween creation..
I think I found it!

Real Life.

She saw me taking off my false lashes and wanted to try them on. Just enough glue left on them to try them on.

Ryan's office had a pumpkin carving contest, I'm not surprised that this is what he came up with.

Sometimes you just need MEAT!

Cool weather calls for a new coat, boots and hat.

Lilly's preschool Halloween party!
Her teacher Mrs. Redd is so sweet! She never wants to dress up as anything scary.

I have about a million pictures just like this on my phone.. Real life #2

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