Monday, October 26, 2015

Hee Haw Farms... Again

So when Jack found out that I had taken the little girls to Hee Haw without him.. well that just wouldn't do. He was seriously disappointed that I hadn't pulled him out of school.
So one evening I decided to take all of the kids, with Ella's friend Macel to check out the pigs.

Lila loves animals. More then any of my other kids.

These piglets are pretty cute though.

Lila loves horses the most. So we pretty much started there.

While waiting for the kids horsey rides, this guy wouldn't stop talking to me.

My sweet Lilly. Can't let you know she's having too much fun. Only get a little smile..

Jack thought that maybe he was too old to ride the horse.

But I think he was glad he went after all.

There is a section to just run around and play.
 Love this little tepee!

Lila was pretty sad when she couldn't make it up onto even one of the hay bales.
A little help and she couldn't have felt more proud!

Jack's been going down that side since he was a baby, an all time favorite!

Is it just me or does playing in a load of corn seem so gross and dirty?

Most favorite pictures ever!

Sami and Gemma met us there. Gemma loved the corn too. It got everywhere..

Jack is always such a good big brother. I'm so thankful for his hard work and dedication to our family.
Even when Lila doesn't like it..

Halloween hay ride!

People just throw candy at you..

Ella might be getting older, but she's still a kid at heart!
I'm so glad she's not embarrassed to do things like ride in a chicken.

My three littlest pumpkins

We spent all afternoon and into the evening checking out all of the farm equipment and playing all of the games.

Lilly did NOT want to go down the slide.. but Jack finally was able to convince her and then she thought it was so fun!

Back to the corn..

Such a fun night! So glad Jack finally made it there!

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