Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Happenings

Life is never boring with this guy around! I've been feeling like he's really growing up and getting big lately. My tiny baby boy is now a tiny little man. Time slow down! I don't ever want a day without mountains of legos and finding =Nurf bullets in the couch cushions.

Our friends Luke and Heather invited to us Zombie Paintball in Provo.
Ryan and I were SO excited.. which lead to a little disappointment. That's not how zombies walk!?
Still fun though!

You know what's awesome?
When your Mom calls you up and offers to take your two littles because she knows you have so much going on.. and then you watch as they walk down the street together.. 

My Grandma Mom wore wigs sometimes for fun... Now it's Isla's turn.

Sometimes you just need to snap a photo to ask your sisters if you look like you're pregnant in your new shirt.. even though you're SO NOT pregnant.

She told me she was trick or treating. A little excited?

Jack played a HARD soccer game. It was a super hard team...

But they somehow pulled it off! Way to go Jack! Time to celebrate!

These girls love playing with my phone and leaving me such pretty pictures..

and this one too...

Jack's primary teacher sent me this. I guess while practicing for the primary program Lilly started crying and wanted to stand with Jack. But then he started crying too! His teacher thought it was cute how they both were trying to comfort each other. I guess they are both scared of the primary program. At least they love each other..

They were happy to walk home.. 

One of the perks of working with the youth of our ward is getting to hang out with with this kid.
So thankful for all of the wonderful leaders!

Lilly had her school field trip to Thanksgiving Point farm.
Weren't we just there?
It's always fun when baby sister can go too!

And of course the favorite thing to do is ride the horses.. if you couldn't tell..

As an early anniversary gift to each other, Ryan and I spent a weekend up in Salt Lake.
We hot tubed, ate way too much, got rained on in line for a haunted house, are ore food and much more. We need to do that like every month.. seriously.

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