Monday, October 5, 2015

It's October!

I love fall and I love Halloween! We couldn't wait to get out all of the decorations and get these ladies all dress up!
First it was dance class for Lilly. She's getting better and better!

After all of that dancing we needed to get a treat! Ice cream always hits the spot.

The other day the little girls and I decided to surprise Ella and bring her lunch at school!
She WAS surprised!

I love how all of Ella's friends always love these little girls and thinks it's so cute!
I'm not sure that's how I would have felt if I had been her....

The boy in blue, yeah, that's Ella's crush. Her first one.
And so it begins!

Sometimes you just need a couple of practice runs to make sure you're got "Trick or treat!" down..
Lilly is wearing the costume from when she was a year old, i guess it's time to get some for them!

So with the first of October comes LDS general conference. 
I love how serious Jack takes it. I found these sweet little "notes" he was taking all on his own.
Only two more months until he gets baptized! I think he might just be ready to hit the mission field now ;)
Melt my heart!

Sometimes he can be so moody, but I really do love my spiritual little guy.

With the weather turning cooler, that means time for soup!

Jack's friends said that this was the best soup ever! I believed then after their mothers called to get my recipe. <3 p="">
And so it begins! The trees are turning and the weather is getting cool.
Fall is here!

Ryan's been growing out his hair, the little girls thought it was so funny it fit in a pony tail!

Isla thinks that anyone smaller then her is a baby and Gemma obliged. 

Jack drew this in school. I should frame it and give it to my Dad.
We are all so lucky to have a Grandpa/Dad right down the street.
We are so blessed for his example.

So here it is again, October. My favorite month of the year.

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