Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This was from the first week of September. 
Lilly was enjoying the little bit of time between when the older kids started school, but she hadn't started preschool yet.
Lots of bubbles, playdough and bike riding.

Lila is still loving dance.
When I tell her the night before that she has dance in the morning she will go right to sleep.
She will also get up right away in the morning.
She lives for dance class!

Once Lilly started preschool she hates the weekend. She wishes she could go to Mrs. Redds class everyday.

Running errands always takes forever... especially with these two littles..
We are so nice to take Dad's car in for a tire rotation, oil change, wash and vacuum and then take him lunch at work.
I deserve an award or something right?!

Sometimes you don't think it's a big deal to dress up and fancy Friday.. and then you get to school and realize you've made a huge mistake. Good thing I was able to rush over with a dress.. 
Today might be the first day Ella hates Jr. High. Getting made fun of sucks. Kids suck.

That's some pretty good morning hair...

Right in the middle you can see a small black dot. That's a turtle and it made Jacks day.

Random selfie.
Had to try out Ryan's new selfie stick.
Yes, Ryan wanted a selfie stick.
Why not? It's my birthday. Never going to be this young again.

It's always fun when I'm hanging out with these ladies, it also helps that it was my birthday dinner!
Thanks ladies!

While out celebrating Aunt Karla's birthday, Lila insisted on wearing lipstick and taking a picture.

While at a thrift shop this week Lilly and I found this!
Ryan was so excited. He loves Jack the pumpkin king!
Now we just have to wait until October to put it up for real.

Sometimes when you really like your new lipstick you take a picture of it and send it to your sisters.
And since there are almost no other pictures of me, I include it on my blog.

She just can't contain her happiness at dance class!
All morning she said "today I go to dance class, I so happy!"

The other day I was driving and thinking of my brother Aaron.
I've thought of him often over these past couple of months.. Life goes on. 
I've been wearing this bracelet since the day of his memorial in Utah.
But it kind of gets in the way sometimes.. and it's become frustrating.
As I was driving in the car alone and quiet the thought came to me-
You don't have to wear this to remember me.
Which is true.
So I took it off.. I still have it and will wear it sometimes still.
Love that crazy boy and can't wait to see him again sometime.
I will always remember him, no matter what.

Have you seen those cars on the side of the road selling these?
In Arizona we would see them all the time. But they are kind of expensive.
But when I saw on in Utah, I knew I had to stop and buy one to surprise Ryan.
He really was so excited and spent hours that night researching how to take care of it.

Now that Ella's 12 she gets to participate in church sports!
Although she's never really played volleyball or basketball, she really liked it!
Here's to a good year ladies!

I don't normally like to participate in things like this, but when we didn't have anything else going on I thought why not give it a try.. 

The wait wasn't too long and we ended up with 5 dozen donuts.. so I guess it was worth it.

Jack has figured out that if he comes with me to the store that most of the time that means he will get some kind of treat... Smart boy.

Ryan and I LOVE Halloween! 
It's hard for me to wait to set up all of our Halloween decorations.. Don't know how long I can hold out..

Lilly is always singing! I love it and hope she never stops!

Yeah for Young Women in Excellence!
I helped to put together these fun posters for each girl to fill out.

Ella is seriously getting so grown up. This is happening too fast!

We still call them "the babies". I don't know how much longer that's going to last. So I'm going to savor every second of it while it lasts. 

Sometimes you just need to play in the dirt.

Another day at dance!

Yes, that's Lila saying "shit"

Jack's school had a special skate night at our local Roller Skating Rink.
We dropped the babies off with Grandma and went to try it out.
Neither of these kids have ever gone before.

Ella was super brave :)

I grew up going to King Skate in Elk Grove all the time. 
But seeing as it had been almost 20 years since I've done this.. I was a bit nervous...

Jack tried skates for a while, but gave up and wanted a scooter like so many of his friends..
Oh well, we can come again and try another time.

I totally surprised myself.. It's kind of like riding a bike. After a while I was doing so well!
I felt 12 again.. can't wait to bring Ryan!

I still love school pictures!

Last minute Ryan and I decided to go camping one last time this year.
Ryan bought a heater we can put in the tent.
This is what it looks like when we pack for camping.
This is insane!

Lila likes to think she's a big girl..

The heater worked, but I think I'm ready for a break.

The canyon is so pretty in the fall!

Sometimes when Ella texts me, this is the only response I give her. 
Thank goodness we didn't have picture texting when I was a teenager.

Finally got snapchat and this is all the kids want to do now.

Ella is loving all of the youth sports! Thank you so all of the wonderful coaches who make it possible!

Lila is obsessed with playing dress up. This old wig was my Grandma Moms'!

Ella's first official ID. So weird!

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