Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing at the Park

It was been the nicest Utah winter (knock on wood!!!) that we've ever had
The only bad thing about having it 50 degrees all the time is that the snow is never good enough to make a REAL snowman.
It was nice to take the kids on a little bike ride down to the park
They needed to get OUT of the house!

I know it's funny that there is snow on the ground, but it really was pretty warm outside!

Jack is becoming so brave!! We couldn't believe how strong he was to go all the way across the monkey bars!

Ella makes friends wherever she goes!
Which is good, since she's been a little lonely since we moved here.
If anyone has children around her age (7) we should get together for a play date, let me know!
My sweet babies!

Happy Birthday Sami

Last week was my cousin Sami's birthday!
She and her husband Tyler have been hanging out with us a lot lately
Sami's having a big party this weekend, so her actual birthday was turning out kind of... lame
So we decided to all go out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate!
Ryan is SERIOUSLY so weird
It rubs off on the kids....
They were being weird and having a kissing fight.
Better then the regular kind of fighting they do most of the time I guess!
Tyler was able to meet us there after work! Except he got a little lost on the way and made a wrong turn. We knew he was close so we looked out the window, just in time to see Tyler running across the street. He finally was able to see the restaurant, but got a flat tire just across the street! Oops! Hehehehehehehehee!
I specifically asked that they embarrass Sami as much as possible!!!

After dinner, the boy's changing Tyler's tire!
What a night to remember! Happy Birthday Sami!

Deja Vu

Jack got stuck... Just like this other time..

Culvers In Utah

Ever year my parents give me a gift card to Culvers, I LOVE their chicken strips!
They have a couple of Culvers Arizona, but none in Utah, that I knew about.
Until one day my Mom called me from Culvers
(often times just to rub it in that she's there and I'm not)
to inform me that they were building a Culvers in Utah!
We were so excited and went opening week!
Sami came with us!
Seriously, I have NEVER had a chicken strip anywhere else that compares to Culvers!

Ryan and Sami got a little picture happy
Sami's favorite outtakes!

THANK YOU for building a Culvers in Utah!
(good thing it's not THAT close, or we would be tempted to go wayyy too much!)

Valentines Weekend

We were so lucky that Mary and Kevin were able to come for a second weekend in a row!!
I guess that means that we aren't THAT boring!
The first day the ALL of the boys went out shopping and ALL of the girls went our shopping
(The girls were not quite camera ready)
That night Mary and Kevin made us dinner! How nice was that!?
It was very yummy too!
Sunday night there we stayed up late being WAY to silly!
We all exchanged some gifts and had a Glee marathon

Monday morning Ella still had to get up early for school
She was so excited, can't you tell!? Hehehehehehe!
The Valentine fairy left her candy and a book!
She had been soooo looking forward to going to school and handing out her 33 HOMEMADE Valentines (that took HOURS to make!) But it was all worth it since Ella was SO excited!
I wish that I had taken pictures, too much going on I guess!
Jack has a problem. Since we moved he's had a hard time getting back into the swing of things.
The saddest part is that he quite often will even ask to go home. Then we get to tell him (again) that we ARE home. He's been having a hard time being potty trained, having many accidents and not wanting to sleep in his bed. Most nights he sleeps in what we call a "baby bed". Which is just a little bed on the floor next to ours. I hope that he starts feeling better soon! I need to get him into preschool or something fun for him!
Anyways, when he woke up in his baby bed, he was sad that nothing was there. Until we showed him that the Valentines fairy left him his treats and book on his big boy bed!

Everyone was lazy, since we had stayed up so late the night before
I thought it was cute that the "special Oscarson and Shumway Valentine fairies" came too!
(Mary made those boxes! So cute!)

Ryan had a lot going on at school that day!
We had been able to go out earlier in the week, so I was happily surprised to have these flowers, chocolates and bath salts delivered that afternoon.
They smelled so good!
What a nice Valentine I have!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Weekend

Last weekend (the same as Lisa's shower) my little sister Mary and her new husband drove down from Idaho to visit!! It was so nice they came, I had so many helpers for the shower!
The boys played wii all weekend
We watched the super bowl.. this was taken right as green bay won. You would think that we were all excited and jumping up and down.. no.
Jack fell into a deep Cheetos coma
The rest of the weekend Mary just played with the kids.. pretty low key
Belly-bug and Mar-bear
Mary's birthday was just a few days away, so we threw her a little party!

Happy Birthday Mary!
I am NOW caught up on my blog!! SOO HAPPY!
This week Ryan and I got to go out on a date!
Thank you Sami!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Baby Brielle

I was so happy that we moved back to Utah just in time to be there for Lisa to have her third baby... Brielle!!
As she was in labor I joked, wouldn't it be funny if she came out with TONS of DARK hair
I was right!
Lisa and her new baby girl!
When Brielle was 4 days old I went over to her house and took a couple of pictures

Then about a week later some friends and I threw a baby shower/ open house for Lisa and Brielle at my house!

Looking so pretty for her party!
It was so fun!! Everything turned out so cute!!
A HUGE Thank you to Sunny and everyone else who was able to contribute to the party!!!
I couldn't have done it without you!!
One of the best parts about the shower, the presents!
I made that diaper cake! Not bad for my first try!
Some of the ladies who came!
Me and Brielle. I never did get a picture with her in the hospital!

Lisa, Tiff and I
I hope you had a great time Lisa! Brielle is so precious!
Thank for you letting me be such a big part of her coming into this world!!
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