Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tub Time

Splash Pad

I took the kids to the mall today that has a splash pad (is that what you call them?) I knew that Ella would love it and she couldn't wait! I wasn't so sure about Jack so I didn't even have him in his swim trunks. As soon as he saw Ella out there splashing around though, I couldn't get him to sit still! He kept trying to get down off my lap. I quickly changed him and he was off! He didn't care if he got water in his face or even up his nose, he had a total blast! I loved it because Jack could just crawl around and I didn't have to really worry about him. Ella had a blast too, she can't wait to go back!

Ok, I know that I'm a rotten mom because I was laughing so hard when I took these two pictures! I'm sure that everyone around me at the park thought I was a mental case because I was standing there laughing so hard. It wasn't that the water was too hard or anything, I think that I was just lucky to have snapped the camera just at the right moment. See, that's why I'm rotten. I hope that you all are able to enjoy the goofy looks that my kids make as much as I do! (You may have to click to enlarge the picture of Ella to be able to enjoy it fully.)

The Boy

Jack Jack loves to play with his boy things- balls, trucks, plastic insects. He's our rough and tough little man. He's so good at climbing on things, such as the TV or the gate meant to keep him from going up the stairs. He's also started eating anything that he can find on the floor. Even yucky things- like dead bugs! Barf. He loves getting into trouble.

His new favorite thing is to get into my purse or diaper bag and yank everything out. He will also eat anything he can find in there, who knew that receipts tasted so good?


My Boy is 8 Months Old

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jack and Jolie

These were some of the bib's that I had made the night before. Sunday night we had dinner with Ryan's parents and his brother Andre's family. Jack and Jolie are just a couple weeks apart in age. It's so funny to see them interact with each other. Jolie kept trying to grab Jack until he finally he had had enough and tried getting away. They are so cute. It's so nice to be close to family.

How we spend our Saturday nights

I spent a lot of the day and evening making bows and sewing bibs and aprons. ( Ella took these pictures of me. You can always tell- she's short.)
Ella loved singing and dancing to a Hannah Montana concert on TV. She kept pretending that she was Hannah Montana. She wanted Ryan and I to yell and clap for her. Then she would come over and high five us and let us know how much it meant to her that we were her biggest fans- then ask, wait, you are my biggest fan right?!
I swear I feed this child. I know this picture might not look like it, but trust me, he eats ALL the time. He's started trying to climb on things, like this stool. He just about makes it too.

Yeah, we aren't very exciting. I didn't have any pictures of Ryan. He was there too, sitting in his PJ's watching Ella and helping me sew. Yes, he helped me. He secretly likes sewing too.

30's Wife


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior>

Who could have guessed?


Ella came to me the other day and said that Jack was playing in her bedroom.... naked. Say what? He loves to go and play with her doll house and yank all of her CD's out. Why was he naked? So I went to find him and sure enough he was.. naked. All I can think is that his diaper snagged on the CD player and he wiggled out of it. I thought it was pretty funny to say the least. (By the way before I had kids and even when Ella was little I would say that I would never let my baby be without clothing. Man, things change with a second kid.)

Biter Biscuits

Jack had his first taste of biter biscuits' the other day. I had forgotten how messy they were. He got it everywhere- the carpet, his feet and even in his ear- not to mention his head, arms and belly. He LOVED it! he kept dropping it down near his sides and would get so mad, he wanted it back! My sweet little man. (Melissa, I tried looking online for the bitter biscuits that I was talking about- they are called biter- not bitter. I'm not sure why we grew up calling them bitter. We're weird.)


It's official, Ella is now registered for kindergarten! She starts on August 4th! That's in one week! (really early, I know, Arizona is weird.) She is so excited and can't wait to meet her teacher and all of the other kids in her class. These pictures are from last week when she had to go to the doctor and get some shots before we registered her for school. Many of you know that I like to wait to immunise my kids. Now that Ella is 5 and going to be out in public around other people every day I decided to have her get everything, something which was not an easy decision. She ended up getting 5 shots. That makes for a grand total of 7 in her entire life. ( I don't know why the make kids in the U.S. get a polio shot still- whatever.) I am still very glad that I waited, she's one of the healthiest kid that I know. It was still pretty bad though and she did scream and cry. However, she was very happy to be able to pick out any candy from the grocery store. My baby is a kindergartner!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Tonight we had two families from our ward come over the Shumway's and the Riggs! We set up the big slide and re-filled the pool! Ella is becoming more brave- she finally went down head first. We also had some yummy food and had a quick FHE lesson and played LDS bingo- Gunnar won! Then we started watching the movie "Cars" but soon the kids were off playing again. Ella just loved Dakota! She kept trying to lay on him and we caught them under the blanket more the once. It was ALL Ella! We might need to have a talk about being friendly, but not too friendly. What's she going to be like at 13? I'm afraid to find out! The night went by so fast, I think time always flies when you're having fun! We are so glad that we are making some new friends! Thanks guys! We can't wait to get together again- bowling??

Grace, Ella, Dakota and Gunnar
Lauren, Katrina, Justin and Joseph

We tried the ring test- I've always wanted to! It's where you tie a thread to your wedding ring and someone holds it above you. If it spins in a circle then you're going to, or have had a girl, if it swings back and forth you're going to or have had a boy. So tonight we did it for me! Circle for Ella, then again for the baby that we lost that was a baby girl, then back and forth for Jack, then.... circle for a girl and back and forth for a boy! Then it stopped. I looked at Ryan " I guess we aren't done after all"! I'll be excited to see what happens. I want to have two more- a girl and a boy just like it said! I'll cross my fingers. (This is Lauren having the ring test on her, she's got a few more kids to go too!)

Daddy Daughter Date

Ryan and Ella
They got a milk shake and then later they got some soft pretzels too!

On Saturday Ryan decided- yes, all on his own- to take Ella out on a Daddy daughter date! She was so excited and got all made up with a pretty dress, a purse and make up for her big date. Ryan took her to her favorite stores- the Disney Store and Claire's. He got her a special wand. I met up with them because we were going to go and see a movie after their date, but the lines were too long and it was getting kind of late. I'm glad that I was able to stalk them though and get some great shots of them spending some fun time together. I'm so glad that Ryan's such a great Father to our children. He really loves them and they love him just as much!

Baby Boy

Silly boy, asleep with his little bottom in the air

OK, I know that this is gross- Jack LOVES playing with the broom! I try to take it away, hide it- anything! He just loves pulling the little bristles! It's so gross!

Jack has had so much fun this week that he's just collapsed with exhaustion- well not really. But he has fallen asleep a couple times this week while playing on the floor. My baby boy.

Plastic Play Equipment

This week we inherited some fun plastic play equipment from Ryan's Mom/Sister Sasha's family! Ella was so excited and has had so much fun. An unexpected surprise was that Jack loves it just as much. I scrubbed the smallest one really well and brought it in the house for use over this very hot summer and it's worked out so well! Thank you Grandma and Sasha!

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