Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Boy

Jack Jack loves to play with his boy things- balls, trucks, plastic insects. He's our rough and tough little man. He's so good at climbing on things, such as the TV or the gate meant to keep him from going up the stairs. He's also started eating anything that he can find on the floor. Even yucky things- like dead bugs! Barf. He loves getting into trouble.

His new favorite thing is to get into my purse or diaper bag and yank everything out. He will also eat anything he can find in there, who knew that receipts tasted so good?


Tiffany Robinson said...

oh gosh just you wait it will get you have safety locks on your cupboards and drawers and door handles. He definitley is an explorer.

Elliott Ashlee and Gavin said...

So cute, he's all boy!

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