Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Splash Pad

I took the kids to the mall today that has a splash pad (is that what you call them?) I knew that Ella would love it and she couldn't wait! I wasn't so sure about Jack so I didn't even have him in his swim trunks. As soon as he saw Ella out there splashing around though, I couldn't get him to sit still! He kept trying to get down off my lap. I quickly changed him and he was off! He didn't care if he got water in his face or even up his nose, he had a total blast! I loved it because Jack could just crawl around and I didn't have to really worry about him. Ella had a blast too, she can't wait to go back!

Ok, I know that I'm a rotten mom because I was laughing so hard when I took these two pictures! I'm sure that everyone around me at the park thought I was a mental case because I was standing there laughing so hard. It wasn't that the water was too hard or anything, I think that I was just lucky to have snapped the camera just at the right moment. See, that's why I'm rotten. I hope that you all are able to enjoy the goofy looks that my kids make as much as I do! (You may have to click to enlarge the picture of Ella to be able to enjoy it fully.)


Tiffany Robinson said...

No I agree it is hilarous! If they were having fun why couldn't you. lol Your camera is really fast. I keep trying to get a picture of the girls jumping in the pool and I can never get it. You are such a great mom to just get them out for something fun! way to go!

Elliott Ashlee and Gavin said...

So funny! I love that last one of Jack!!! Sheesh Rachel your such a mean mom, I probably would have sat there and laughed too!!!

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