Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a day

Our Day today-

Jack-Jack loves to climb up anything. His new favorite thing is to climb the back sliding door and watch whatever is going on in the back yard. Today Ella and I were putting some big plastic play equipment together that we got from Ryan's family and he just stood and watch us the whole time. (pictures of those to come later)
Then it was off to do some shopping- Gymbucks! Oh yeah! We also got this fun swimming pool and we got Jack the cutest little swim trunks and matching hat! These kids love to swim!
Again watching Ella outside. He loves it when she comes close to the glass, he tries to give her a kiss through the glass, it's so precious! I also love his hair, it's stated sticking up a little, I think he's just so adorable I could eat him up!
Yep, it's started! He's figured out how to climb the stairs. I've been trying to keep him away from them and I think that it has prolonged the inevitable a little. I think that if he had know about them sooner that he would have had the stairs mastered by now. I guess it's time that we invest in some baby gates.
Ella LOVES chicken! Every time I ask her what she wants for dinner it's always "chicken legs!" She picks the bones clean! So that's what we had tonight. I love this picture- the level on concentration!

When Ryan got home from work (very very late!) Ella convinced him to go swimming in the little pool. He was such a good sport and even though he was exhausted he went swimming and let me take his picture! Ella's such a goof!


Andre, Melissa & Jolie said...

Ahh the stairs... scary! I am so scared when Jolie finds them here, there is no carpet on them and because of the design of the stairs it is impossible to put up a gate... we are thinking hard what we can do! The new pool looks fun!!! And as far as the chicken legs go, she really is Andre's neice... they should have a contest to see who can clean the bone better. it is discusting how clean Andre can get the bones!

Tiffany Robinson said...

More swimming and now in the back yard that is great! he still is too little to do stairs wow! He is learning so fast.

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