Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hanging out

My Mom watches Sarah's little boys during the day while Sarah's at work. I have fallen for this little man. He's one of the sweetest little boy's I've ever known. He has this deep voice that's adorable on such a little man.
If Bizzy knew that I was posting this I think that she would die of a heart attack. She finally got her braces off after almost 3 years! (oh by the way her name is Elizabeth but when she was little everyone would call her a busy bee, which stuck and now everyone just calls her Bizzy!) Don't we look alike!?
We had some day's of just lounging- those are my kind of days!
Jack has started this thing when he laughs- he breaths in hard and scrunches up his nose. He also started sucking on his top lip. If anything got on his lips- like soda, because he now knows how to use a straw (That's enough pay back Sarah! Enough with giving my baby junk!) he would try to suck it off. We were all laughing so hard!


Tiffany Robinson said...

oh my gosh I haved missed you so much! Look at Jack's two little chompers on the

Mom said...

I sure missed the little cuties. Jack is growing up while you were gone. sandy

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