Monday, July 28, 2008

How we spend our Saturday nights

I spent a lot of the day and evening making bows and sewing bibs and aprons. ( Ella took these pictures of me. You can always tell- she's short.)
Ella loved singing and dancing to a Hannah Montana concert on TV. She kept pretending that she was Hannah Montana. She wanted Ryan and I to yell and clap for her. Then she would come over and high five us and let us know how much it meant to her that we were her biggest fans- then ask, wait, you are my biggest fan right?!
I swear I feed this child. I know this picture might not look like it, but trust me, he eats ALL the time. He's started trying to climb on things, like this stool. He just about makes it too.

Yeah, we aren't very exciting. I didn't have any pictures of Ryan. He was there too, sitting in his PJ's watching Ella and helping me sew. Yes, he helped me. He secretly likes sewing too.


Elliott Ashlee and Gavin said...

Look at you being all crafty!! Cute bibs by the way!! I can't wait until I can start doing stuff like that again!!

Tiffany Robinson said...

We know Ryan likes to sew...(Halloween) and you are awesome. Again I wish I could have a baby so I can get cute bibs and bows from you.

Andre, Melissa and Jolie said...

I am glad that you are very crafy and teach me! I appriciate it! Ella is so cute I love her HM impressions!

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