Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lilly 19 months old

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jack's New Bike

Oh a whim at the store today I bought Jack a new bike.
He loved his old one, but it just kept having problems with the tires. 
I needed to get all new wheels for it, however when I got to the store I realized that for just a little more he could get a whole new bike.
Plus part of the problem with the old bike was that the little boy across the street would always ride it, which meant the tires would go flat even more often.
So with Jack getting a new bike we gave the old one to the little boy across the street.
He was more then a little excited!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Back Yard Campout

I had promised the kids that if they could keep their bedrooms clean I would set the tent up in the back yard to play in. 
They held up their end of the deal, so I had to as well.
The weather is finally becoming nice enough where we can do things like this!!
First was dinner outside.
With it being a Sunday Ryan was here to actually set up the tent thank goodness, I'm getting way too big to do things like that alone.
With it being a school night we weren't planning on actually spending the night in the tent, but Jack was finally able to convince Ryan to. Hauling his mattress downstairs for Ryan to sleep on sure helped in the convincing.
Lilly and I however did not sleep in the tent, but instead slept in our nice warm beds inside.
Although it was hard for me to sleep without Ryan!
Jack and Ella asleep under all of the blankets.
When I had to wake up Ella for school I saw that Ryan had put our little space heater inside the tent. About one in the morning it got a little too cold.
What a nice Dad.

What's camping without having a big breakfast!?
I woke up extra early and made everyone pancakes.
After taking Ella to school I woke up the boys with their breakfast. 
I liked this back yard camping thing!
We might just do it again sometime!


We love that Salt Lake has a soccer team... and that they have great last minute deals on tickets.
A perfect family home evening.

We had just found this tee shirt on sale a few days before, Jack was so excited to wear it and support his favorite team!

We were able to find some great parking so we ended up being a bit early.
We watched the team warm up and the kids walked around. Lilly loved walking up and down the stairs.
Almost time for the game to start!
Although it's the end of April, it's still getting pretty cold at night.
Again Jack was excited to wear his hat with the REAL logo on it.
Lilly flirted with the little boys sitting in front of us and the woman sitting next to us. At least she was entertained and I don't think she bothered anyone too badly.
Trying to get a shot of Ryan with his intense soccer watching face.

Almost the entire time the kids were begging for cotton candy.
Finally at half time Ryan gave in.
They were all in heaven.
Good thing I had a lot of wipes, Lilly got very sticky!
The game was very exciting, even if nobody ever scored a goal.
I hate that Jack's figured out what photo bombing is...........
It was such a fun game! I'm so glad we went!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ella's a published author

At the beginning of this school year all of the fourth graders at Ella's school won a grant from Crayola to make their very own E-books!! After much hard work, research and study Ella finished her book and it was published on Monday! 

(If you have an ipad or an ipad mini you can download the book for free! Get the e-book ap, search traverse mountain, there will be a list of all books made by Ella's classmates. You can look up Bobcat to find Ella's. It should be the first one out of three, her name is on the front!)

 The school also made a little video they played at the launch party- check it out! 
 You can see Ella (in an orange shirt) at 0:05 and 6:58 you can also see her original artwork of bobcats starting at 4:48- she has three of four pieces. 

 Yeah!! We are so proud of Ella!! She and her classmates are the youngest to ever make e-books. A published author!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ella's 5K

Ella's school put on a 5K.
While Ryan and Jack were at work and school Lilly and I went to watch Ella.
She loves to run and is pretty fast.
It was a rather long wait. Lilly snacked and played on the playground.
FINALLY here comes Ella! 
I had thought for sure that she would be in the first group to make it back.
I started to get worried after so many people were back and still no Ella.
Later she told me that she was going to go faster, but her best friend Chloe was really struggling and even started crying. So Ella stayed with her to help and encourage her.
All of the adults who were running close to Ella said she talked the ENTIRE run!
One Dad said that if she can run the entire time AND talk- she is really good.

Chloe and Ella
After the run the school gave out prizes for the winners and also for a random drawing.

Ella was kind of sad she didn't get anything, but overall really enjoyed it.
She feels like it really prepared her for the race she will do over the 4th of July weekend.
I am so happy that I have kids who love being outside and love being active!
Way to go Ella!! We are so proud of you!!
Lilly sat down and said "Me, me! Cheese!" She wanted a picture with Ella!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

26 weeks pregnant

After a newborn shoot I did Jack wanted to take some pictures of me and my big belly.
I swear, I'm so much bigger this time around!!
Only about 100 days left to go! I'm so ready! I've already been ready for weeks. This is going to be a long three months.

One afternoon Jack and Lilly were eating their lunch outside. I'm so glad I caught these without them knowing. What a sweet brother. I wish I could say he was always this sweet.

Spaghetti faced kids!
I love these of Lilly...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Camp Fire Nights

The weather has been so nice, perfect to have a fire and roast marshmallows!
Jack was by far the most excited and got everything all set up.
Throughout the afternoon as Ella and Jack talked with the kids in the neighborhood somehow it because an invitation to our fire.

Lilly was being SO naughty!
She just doesn't understand fire of course. Ryan and I had to watch her like a hawk.

Pregnancy face....

Finally Lilly was being so naughty that Ryan had to hold her. She did not like that one bit.

Nothing a smore couldn't fix.

Just two days later we decided to have a fire again. This time we got some hotdogs too!
Jack is so goofy, taking a bite out of the MIDDLE of the hotdog!
Lilly really loves smores!

Sami and Tyler came this time too.
I love Lilly's face with Sami.
We are so excited to have warm weather. It will snow again, April is always a bipolar weather month here in Utah. Summer will be here before we know it!
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