Monday, April 1, 2013

March Instagrams

1. Jack choice for profession changes everyday, now it's a real estate agent like Dad
2. Ella was in a story telling contest, she didn't win but it was still fun!
3. Lunch with Ella at school
4. I hate those carts, but the kid love them
5. Sleeping in the car
6. watching her favorite movie with her babies
1. Nude
2. Pictures
3. Better with a dipie
4. Jack likes to do his own hair now- to be cool
5. LOVE Lilly's new shoes
6. Ragamuffin
1. Preschool Field trip
2. To Cabela's
3. Date
4. Night
5. It's so much easier to drive when everyone's asleep
6. This must be her ragamuffin outfit
1. Looking homeless at the park
2. I thought the kids were suppose to build their pinewood derby cars?
3. Jack wants his car to be a plane
4. Lilly's always helpful with the groceries
5. Finally warm enough
6. To eat lunch outside
1. Lilly loves
2. Wagon rides
3. Happy
4. St. Patrick day
5. We have a leprechaun that comes to our house
6. Ryan finished his weigh loss program, down 40 pounds!
1. Pinewood derby!
2. Jack couldn't wait to race
3. Never even got close
4. Loves his car
5. Ella's
6. Another dud. At least they had fun
1. Check up
2. Looks like she's underwater, but isn't
3. Look who's getting into candy
4. He's so dang
5. Strong
6. Toddler bed!! Crossing our fingers
Ella's play at school!! (She's wearing a bright blue shirt and long skirt)
1. Messy eater
2. Car ride
3. Cheese smile
4. Loves to help "organize" things for me
5. After church naps!
6. Getting BIG
1. Nap time pals
2. Throwing fits
3. Not even terrible twos yet
4. Can see baby moving in there
5. Trying to hide in the fridge
6. Grandpa Rick is in town! Playing games
1. Sweet Baby
2. Folding her arms
3. Preschool egg hunt
4. Only picture from the egg hunt at BYU. WAY too crazy!!
5. Getting bigger by the day!
6. Already loves diamonds
1. Movie- the Croods
2. Easter
3. Eggs
4. The Easter bunny's hard at work!
5. Love his outfit. He loves that it's the same chocolate bunny as on the movie "hop"
6. Easter bow
1. Easter bunny left Lilly a bunny
2. Easter Sunday- best dressed
3. The joker
4. She thought she looked beautiful
5. A little scared
6. Movie in the car

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