Friday, April 12, 2013

Ella's 5K

Ella's school put on a 5K.
While Ryan and Jack were at work and school Lilly and I went to watch Ella.
She loves to run and is pretty fast.
It was a rather long wait. Lilly snacked and played on the playground.
FINALLY here comes Ella! 
I had thought for sure that she would be in the first group to make it back.
I started to get worried after so many people were back and still no Ella.
Later she told me that she was going to go faster, but her best friend Chloe was really struggling and even started crying. So Ella stayed with her to help and encourage her.
All of the adults who were running close to Ella said she talked the ENTIRE run!
One Dad said that if she can run the entire time AND talk- she is really good.

Chloe and Ella
After the run the school gave out prizes for the winners and also for a random drawing.

Ella was kind of sad she didn't get anything, but overall really enjoyed it.
She feels like it really prepared her for the race she will do over the 4th of July weekend.
I am so happy that I have kids who love being outside and love being active!
Way to go Ella!! We are so proud of you!!
Lilly sat down and said "Me, me! Cheese!" She wanted a picture with Ella!

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