Monday, April 22, 2013


We love that Salt Lake has a soccer team... and that they have great last minute deals on tickets.
A perfect family home evening.

We had just found this tee shirt on sale a few days before, Jack was so excited to wear it and support his favorite team!

We were able to find some great parking so we ended up being a bit early.
We watched the team warm up and the kids walked around. Lilly loved walking up and down the stairs.
Almost time for the game to start!
Although it's the end of April, it's still getting pretty cold at night.
Again Jack was excited to wear his hat with the REAL logo on it.
Lilly flirted with the little boys sitting in front of us and the woman sitting next to us. At least she was entertained and I don't think she bothered anyone too badly.
Trying to get a shot of Ryan with his intense soccer watching face.

Almost the entire time the kids were begging for cotton candy.
Finally at half time Ryan gave in.
They were all in heaven.
Good thing I had a lot of wipes, Lilly got very sticky!
The game was very exciting, even if nobody ever scored a goal.
I hate that Jack's figured out what photo bombing is...........
It was such a fun game! I'm so glad we went!

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