Monday, April 22, 2013

Back Yard Campout

I had promised the kids that if they could keep their bedrooms clean I would set the tent up in the back yard to play in. 
They held up their end of the deal, so I had to as well.
The weather is finally becoming nice enough where we can do things like this!!
First was dinner outside.
With it being a Sunday Ryan was here to actually set up the tent thank goodness, I'm getting way too big to do things like that alone.
With it being a school night we weren't planning on actually spending the night in the tent, but Jack was finally able to convince Ryan to. Hauling his mattress downstairs for Ryan to sleep on sure helped in the convincing.
Lilly and I however did not sleep in the tent, but instead slept in our nice warm beds inside.
Although it was hard for me to sleep without Ryan!
Jack and Ella asleep under all of the blankets.
When I had to wake up Ella for school I saw that Ryan had put our little space heater inside the tent. About one in the morning it got a little too cold.
What a nice Dad.

What's camping without having a big breakfast!?
I woke up extra early and made everyone pancakes.
After taking Ella to school I woke up the boys with their breakfast. 
I liked this back yard camping thing!
We might just do it again sometime!

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